Video: John Carlson’s New Hadeed Carpet Commercials

John Carlson Commercial

John Carlson ponders the next call-up for the Caps.

With Brooks Laich cornering local advertisements for windows and Alex Ovechkin being a spokesman for nearly everything else, rarely does another player on the Capitals get a chance to show off his acting chops.

Lucky for us, John Carlson — clearly a hot commodity after his incredible acting debut with Force 3 — recently inked a deal with Hadeed Carpet. Their two new spots debuted over the weekend on both Hadeed Carpet’s Facebook page and Comcast SportsNet.

Follow me past the jump as Captain America sells us on the finest wall-to-wall carpet cleaners in the area. SPOILER ALERT: Carlson doesn’t give anyone a pound this time. Sigh.

Commercial #1: Carlson and Hadeed Trade Places

Commercial #2: Carlson’s Scarred Youth

So what do you guys think? Great actor or greatest actor?

  • Fe(yo)dor Fedin

    John Carlson is tebowing. Wow.

  • Capitalbelle

    Is Carlson tebowing???

  • Peter

    I don’t know what tebowing means. And I’m totally bewildered as to how Fedor knows what tebowing means. 

  • Doug

    American trash culture circulates around the world faster than news.  Take it from a professional. 

  • Ian Oland

    To be fair Peter, you’re too busy watching Nascar on Sundays. Amrite?

  • Peter

    Tony Stewart, baby. One race away from the championship.

  • Matorresmd1

    He is terrible in these, who writes this crap?

  • vtcapsfan99

    I think I saw John Carlson in a car dealer commercial before these Hadeed masterpieces.

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  • Caps Basketball

    Nobody out-acts Bruce!