Win Seats to Capitals vs. Penguins on December 1st

Esteemed pest control company, American Pest, protects your home from all kind of varmint. Let’s — hypothetically— say you cooked up two trays of red Jello shots for the playoffs and then accidentally left them out on your counter with a nearby window open, and then ants roughly equal in number to the cast of Ben-Hur began an occupation of your kitchen. American Pest can help.

American Pest is also a Washington Capitals sponsor, and they’re running  a contest whereby you can win tickets to the Capitals-Penguins game on December 1st. The contest, in all its byzantine logic, is described below:

I know; that confused me too. Let’s review:

  1. Like American Pest on Facebook.
  2. Share their post.
  3. Win tickets.

There are going to be many chances to win all season long, so keep your eye on your feed. Also, don’t leave Jello shots out near an open window– even if it’s the playoffs and Jason Chimera just scored the OTGWG and you feel compelled to go out and celebrate. Cause it seriously looked like an Occupy Wall Street tent camp with ants instead of people. You know, hypothetically.

Like American Pest on Facebook.

  • I am a major Caps fan, pick me 🙂

  • Lauracameron

    Really Relaly want to win these tix!!!! :o)

  • Capitalgrrrl

    I have used American Pest. Hands down, they are legit, professional and EFFECTIVE! Mice be gone!

  • Capitalgrrrl

    ….now, since I’m a customer, will you pick me for the TIX?? LOL