Leafs beat Caps 7-1, Bruce Boudreau Stuck at 199 Wins

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Hockey Night in Canada. The Washington Capitals hoped to earn Bruce Boudreau’s 200th NHL win against his old team. Did. Not. Happen.

An embarrassingly bad turnover from Jeff Schultz led to Tim Connolly’s goal. Brooks Laich took a drop pass from Chimera to even it up. Matt Frattin recorded his first NHL goal late in the first period. Early in the second, Tyler Bozak scored a powerplay goal from in traffic. Bozak then gave Phil Kessel a blind pass that became one gorgeous tally. Vokoun out, Neuvirth in. Joffrey Baratheon-Lannister-Lupul scored a PPG to make it 5-1. Then someone did something and it was 6-1. Then, Jeez Louise, David Steckel scored shorthanded. Leafs beats Caps 7-1.

  • Did anyone else wake up thinking we’d see Bruce Boudreau‘s 200th career win tonight– against his old team? Poor guy is stuck at 199. Let’s discuss why.
  • Alex Semin: #FrankensteinSasha. He’s a persecuted, misunderstood monster– unjustly punished for an unearned reputation. On Saturday night it was a cheap penalty for diving, Semin’s second of the season. Semin is at 14 minors on the season, he’s on a career streak of consecutive games with penalties (7), and he’s getting the worst whistle of anyone in the league.
  • Michael Neuvirth relieved Tomas Vokoun. Tomas Vokoun was relieved. The Caps who played for Neuvy were considerably better than the one Vokes saw (plus-21 vs. minus-6 team Corsi).
  • Jeff Schultz has been under fire this season for playing effetely and without urgency. His turnover to Tim Connolly is not representative of an NHL-level player, but that makes him no different than his teammates, who were also awful tonight.
  • It’s unfair, however, to call out a single bad player. We had to wait nearly 30 minutes for Alex Ovechkin to get a shot off, and he was the worst offensive player on the team until late in the game. Nick Backstrom joined the badly timed penalty parade with a crosscheck, then doubled down by børk-børk-ing at the refs. This was shared crumminess.
  • Not to pile on, but 0 for 5 on the power play. Yeesh.
  • David Steckel? Honestly? For crying out loud. At least we can be happy that the Ex-Cap is doing well.
  • The only other bullet this recap needs is one right in the head. Old Yeller style. Zombie style.

Joe B suit of the night

If the Panthers beat the Penguins tonight [Update: yup.], the Caps will lose the SE division lead and fall to ninth in the Eastern conference. That means they wouldn’t make the playoffs if they started– inexplicably– in November. The Caps are still miles above .500, and I haven’t even had turkey yet, so let’s not lose our minds.

Teamlessness. It’s not a word, but it’s the best way to describe this team. Instead of a cohesive unit, we have a collection of individuals, each with his own unique pissy attitude.  Equal to that bad mood is the bad hockey each has played. Even in hockey country– and at the biggest game of the week– the Washington Capitals are skulking grumps. Even with Coach Boudreau giving them the day off yesterday, the Capitals showed up as a bunch of poop-pants. Irritable and tense, this version of the team didn’t stand a chance— and they never will until they wizen up.

We’re not going to discuss Bruce Boudreau here, because we don’t have anything constructive to say about it. Odds are neither do you, but give it a try anyway.

Let’s give Brooks Laich the last word:

"I'm sick of this fucking shit." --Brooks Laich

  • Jared

    Brooksie says it best

  • Ian Hopper

    We are too, Brooksie.  We are too.

    Let’s give some of this to the Leafs.  They were pretty solid, and that guy-we’ve-never-heard-of in goal wasn’t too bad either.  I’m just sick of this streaky play.  My heart can’t handle these highs and lows.

  • Jesshughes

    Your recap was speedier and better done than anything the Caps put on the ice tonight.  The Caps don’t deserve RMNB or me, but sadly we continue to love them.  Kudos on the BL21 photo and “quote.”

  • Peter

    I didn’t mention this in the post, but consider this:

    This team is built to win. They’re maxing out the salary cap, so they’re expected to win now. This is NOT a rebuilding year in the slightest. If this team doesn’t look like a Cup team, it’s a dire problem.

  • Brill

  • k4

    Exactly.  I think the symptoms were there in the opening winning streak, but were overshadowed by “hey, we’re winning”.  Like the last few years.  Win ugly, it doesn’t matter.  Except, well, when it matters.

  • Max Duchaine

    The best part about losing games is reading your recaps. They are the sweetness at the end of every shot of Jack Daniels.

  • Mark

    Agreed. Some of those first wins were skin of their teeth luck. They will still playing sloppy, but benefitting from lucky bounces.

  • Pattyo

    What can be done to shake up this team? Give the “C” to somebody else; Preferably of the Kanoobs or Brooks variety. Let ovi be ovi and worry about scoaring goals, not leading his team. Look what it did for Louongo! Once he lost all the pressure of trying to captain his team, and concentrate on his own game, he took his team to the finals. Nuff said.

    Nobody needs to get fired. Not yet anyway…

  • Reagan

    Those damn soviets can’t be trusted. Lazy bunch of bamboozles.

  • DarkStranger

    I’d say — time to put the Dark Lord as the background of your blog!  This losing streak seems even worse.  Last year’s losing streak was generally close games and one blowout.  We’re already up to two blowouts.

  • Peter

    You’re not the first to mention going dark. We might do it, but it can’t be Voldemort again. It’ll have to be someone from Game of Thrones or something.

  • skrilla

    Agreed 100%, ovie needs to just score or play with passion and fire like in the past. Even when he didn’t score his hustle rubbed off on his teammates, fired them up. Ever since the media exaggerated the benching incident, ovie doesn’t seem to be in Bruce’s corner anymore and his play as well as the team shows.

  • Peter

    Thank you!

  • Peter

    Thanks, Max. You rule.

  • Impeccable, Peter.

  • Hey! Just got back from Hershey. WTF happened?

  • Peter

    You don’t even wanna know, bro. Just get some sleep and have a happy birthday.

  • Stardragon66

    BB’s recent go-rounds with reporters make Torts sound like Jolly St. Nick with verbal diarrhea. Is he communicating to the troops like that,too? Getting the C off of Ovi’s chest might help, as per Pattyo’s suggestion. What do we do for the rest of the squad? At least it’s still November and not February. Put Brooks and Kanoobs in charge. 

  • DarkStranger

    We did so bad that even Stan Galiev called the team out.

  • Good players do not necessarily make good captains and good captains are not necessarily the best players.  Get the albatross of the C off Ovechkin’s chest and let him play again. 

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  • boyinthepenaltybox

    sidney crosby is back suckers! throw boudreau under the bus… before the wheels come all-the-way off..

    ~ go penguins