Former Capital Alan May took to the airwaves after tonight’s 5-1 loss to the Buffalo Sabres to call out the Capitals on their performance. Warning: he’s mad.

It was inexcusable. [The Capitals] played against a team of American Hockey League players tonight. Tonight, the Buffalo Sabres had eight or nine different players in their line-up who normally don’t play. The Capitals sat back against a very inexperienced team, which I find inexcusable. They should have skated them into the ground. Last night, the Buffalo Sabres lost to the worst team in the National Hockey League, the Columbus Blue Jackets. And then tonight, the Capitals don’t attack. They sit back. They retreat. They pay respect to the American Hockey League. This was like playing a pre-season game where the other team has half their starters in — half their guys from the American League and Junior — and you got your full roster. There’s no way you should ever lose this game. There’s no way you should get out-hit, out-skated, out-hustled. They lost in every facet of the game. They got out-goaltender-ed. Their D were horrible. Everything was awful tonight.

May, a veteran of 393 NHL games and owner of one great head of hair, went on to say that he didn’t see “one physical battle won tonight.”

Wow. Not mincing his words.

What do you guys think?

  • He’s right.

  • Bobby Gee


    There’s simply no way to sugar coat tonight’s awful Caps performance, no way to spin the straw into gold.  They were pathetic, and against a team riddled by injuries, just like the Maple Leafs last week.  The Caps played like they didn’t care, like they were going through the motions just to collect their hefty paychecks.  Pathetic and inexcusable.

  • Lots of good points there!

  • I do like his hair.  And I couldn’t agree more.

  • Anonymous

    The Caps were just appalling.  The only thing about them that looked sharp were their uniforms.   Their passing was about as fresh as lettuce that had been sitting in the fridge for a week.

  • brian!

    I don’t say this often enough, but I really like Alan May.  Question though: his plan of “Play Ovechkin, play Ovechkin, play Ovechkin some more”, isn’t that a little counter-intuitive to what Bruce has been doing in benching or limiting icetime to under-performing guys?

  • since Ovechkin has been made Capt and since BB has tried to create whatever BBQ structure he’s tried to make work, then team of highly skilled high flying goal scorers have lost their confidence and seemingly that ability to score at will.

  • The Fingerman

    First of all, the entire team underperformed tonight, so it’s hard to bench everyone. But what Alan May means is if a player who in the past has thrived when getting lots of icetime and likes getting lots of icetime is slumping, the best way to get him out of the slump is to play him more. Ovie looks like he’s lost confidence, and that he has to make every chance he gets (because he’s not getting many) perfect–so, of course, he thinks too much and loses the puck. More icetime, more chances, less thinking, more instinct…

    And Bruce’s benching spree is a little much, in my opinion. Aren’t there other ways to motivate guys besides benching? When you have no discipline for years, and then all of a sudden go right to benching, doesn’t that seem a little overboard?

  • Fingerman, that’s exactly my thought on his heavy handed approach to discipline.  If you’ve been pretty lax for years and then you suddenly change and try to become a disciplinarian, do you really command respect?  I do think this team needs a heavy handed coach, but if that wasn’t his mojo from the get-go, I doubt it resonates.

  • The Fingerman

    Yeah, I’m confused as to why no one has linked the decline in Ovechkin’s play (and many of the other highly skilled offensive players on this team) to last year’s shift to a more defensive system. Perhaps the system this team is playing doesn’t allow Ovechkin to have the freedom he used to have to score goals. Boudreau even said after the game tonight that he told the team to hang back in the first period–does that really serve a player like Ovie?


    Alan May – dislikes rally balloons, hates losing to AHLers.  Love him!

  • aphid

    Immediate reaction: Alan May…speaking truth to power, as usual. But–again, as usual–power won’t listen. Boy I’m frustrated!
    Upon further reflection: As frustrated as I am, and as other fans are, I’m not sure I can imagine how frustrating this is for Caps. When exactly should changes be made? And when are drastic changes called for? How long should a plan be given to work, and was a timeline agreed to when the plan was implemented?
    One positive during all this: Dema “Hipcheck, Please” Orlov.

  • Joe

    Alan May is right on with all his comments about this team. Pathetic probably isn’t strong enough. This team has given up on this coach and it really is time to go back to the run and gun style of play and score some goals. Changes have to be made. A now coach needs to come in and light a fire under these guys. Make some deals. Semin for Iginla. Schultz for a case of Gatorade. Just keep the foundation of Backstrom, Ovie, Chimera, Laich, Eakin, Orlov, and Johannsen anyone else can get traded. This team is lacking chemistry and that starts with the coach. Tired of hearing Mike Green is missing too he is always hurt. Call up Holtby and give him a shot in the net all he did last year was win and on some nights Vokoun can’t stop a beach ball and Neuvirth looks terrible. Time to tear the team down and start over cause I don’t see the playoffs happening this year if this keeps up.

  • Eric W

    Maybe it’s just me, but has anyone else thought someone should give Alan May a coaching gig? I’m not saying here (although, I do think it’s a possibility), but he always has intelligent ways of solving issues with this teams’ play. Unfortunately, BB does not listen to them. I agree with Alan May, the third line should not have more minutes than the top line on any night. I get that they’re playing well together, but it’s no coincidence that with the lowest TOI totals of his career, Ovi looks lost on the ice. Other than that, I really hope we trade Wideman, a decent puck moving “defenseman” who consistently makes bad decisions with the puck, and isn’t good enough offensively to warrant his risk. Hamrlik is in the same boat, but we’d never get the same return. The goaltenders both look like they have no confidence. This team has no heart. It starts at the top. Bruce needs to admit he’s wrong. He’s no defensive coach. He’s no hybrid coach. From a guy who’s philosophy was “if they score 4, we’re going to score 5” (Gabby: Confessions of a Hockey Lifer is on sale now) PLAY TO YOUR STRENGTHS!!! Have the guts to say “We’re not playing well, and it’s my fault.” 

  • Remain

    These are not the caps we expect to see.  These guys suck.  Wake up and play

  • Remain

    it’s not related, he wasn’t producing before they made the shift.  The shift was made to protect the few goals that we were scoring.

  • @CapsFans1921

    Alan May for Coach in 2012!

  • jjll0rky

    GMGM was up in Hershey last night…

  • The Fingerman

    The Caps scored 91 goals in the 26 games before the losing streak started last year, more than 3.7 goals per game. That’s considerably more than the team is scoring now. Ovechkin’s goals were down, but he was getting chances–just not converting. Wish someone would examine Boudreau’s odd coaching decisions closely.


    I am  72 years  old  and  a  very  loyal  Caps  fan  since  1979  .  When  my  family  came  to  USA  in  1979 , we  started  new  life  in  this  Great  Country  in  the  city  of  Baltimore  Maryland , there  no  pro sport  teams  in  Baltimore  except  orioles  and  colts  so  i  gave  my  heart  and  sol  to  caps  and  bullets ,  which  was  bottom  dwellers  in  their  respectable  leagues  ,  since  than  my  high  hopes  for  teams  never  materialized  .  I am  very  sorry  to  admit  that  few  players  on  caps  roster  getting  biggest  pay  don’t  even  trying  to  give  what  it  takes and  effort  to achieve  the dream  for  every  north  American  kid  –  to  win  a  STANLEY  CUP  !!!!!  It`s  very  painful  to  read  and  hear  that  Caps  are  chokers  ,  and  don’t  have  what  it  takes  to  win  when  its  matters  most  .  Selfish  play  by  Ovechkin  ,  ignorance  by  Semin  ,  is  the  biggest  problem  for  our  team .  I  understand  that  would bee  ridiculous  to  send  both  Alexes  to  Hershey  for  couple  of  weeks , and  make  them  fill  the  pain  and  shame  ,  replace  them  with  good  American-Canadians  boys ,  let  them  try  to  prove  to  the  rest  of  the  hockey  world  .  that  the  team  is  no  worse  without  Ovechkin and Semin .  You  will  be  surprised  to  see  the  result  .  Trade  them  if  some  teams  are  interested  .  otherwise  THIS  IS  THE  DEAD  END for BB`S coaching , and  McPhee for bad trades and contracts ; JAGR, NILES, HANNAN, SEMIN, HAMMERLIK , WARD, look at Varly ,  Flaishman , Theadore ,Bradley ,  and list can go on  . AVERAGE TEAM  LOOKING FOR NEW  LIFE !!!!!!!!changing a coach mid season did wonders for the pens and flyers ! Take a note -BB +McPhee got to go . Iron Man  Mike KENNAN  –  A V A L A B L E !!!!!!!! I  think  TED  is  BLIND – force  the  move  and  bring  fresh  blood  into  this  team , it`s  not  late  to  save  a  year  of  high  hopes !!!  Please  excuse  me  for  my  English  if  orthographical  mistakes  made  by  me .  I  love  my  caps  and  hope  for  that  MOMENT in  my  life  !!!?????   HOPE  ,  SOME  ONE  READING  MY  COMMENTS .

  • Road Worrier

    This site name is sadly a misnomer.  The Russian machine is broken.  Someone has to fix it or trade it, or at least the part of it that gets stupid penalties in the offensive zone every game.  I think they need to call Holtby up to stir things around a bit.  It was different when they had the losing streak last year – most of the losses were 1-goal or OT.  Where is the D-oriented approach that the Caps magically developed last year to salvage the season?

  • Road Worrier

    This site name is sadly a misnomer.  The Russian machine is broken.  Someone has to fix it or trade it, or at least the part of it that gets stupid penalties in the offensive zone every game.  I think they need to call Holtby up to stir things around a bit.  It was different when they had the losing streak last year – most of the losses were 1-goal or OT.  Where is the D-oriented approach that the Caps magically developed last year to salvage the season?

  • Road Worrier

    They did run-and-gun against Winnipeg and it paid off.  It’s a bigger issue when you play the NJ’s and NYR’s of the world who are slow, trapping teams.  But they should have been able to go wide open against a decimated Buffalo team without Ryan Miller and the backup to the backup in net.

  • Disdudted fan

    Do you think Ovi has become the new Jagr of 2011–playing up to his potential when he feels like it?  Or is he too hung over from his nightly jaunts in Georgetwon? 

  • The caps are making the SAME MISTAKE with Ov that they made with Jagr – instead of making the system work with their game, their strengths, tell them they have to play YOUR WAY.   One of NUMEROUS mistakes Boudreau and this organization is making.   Time to start serenading Boudreau the way Hanlon was serenaded.

  • Disdudted fan

    When Jagr was traded to the Caps, the Pens trainer called Stan Wong, our trainer at the time and told him Jagr would destroy your team.  I’m not arguing that both aren’t talented but suggesting they MAY–in Ovi’s case–be a cancer in the locker room. If so, then perhaps Ovi has morphed into a cancerous Jagr. I hope not but he obviously isn’t performing up to his normal standard.  It is also no secret that he likes to constantly party. I’m not sure constsant partying and high performance on the ice go together.

  • redhead

    Bench a couple of the arrogant super stars in Hershey for a spell, call up guys who WANT to play hockey. Coaches can only plan games, plays and give instruction. They can’t go out there and play the game for them.

  • That’s OK.  Green will be back soon and all will be well.  They are 8-0 with Green in the lineup.

  • Rp_nut

    My cat knows more about hockey than you. Little thing called waivers, ever heard of it?

  • If only it were that easy.

  • redhead

    Maybe your cat would recognize sarcasm since you don’t.