New RMNB T-Shirts and Cyber Monday Deals

People, we’ve got a ton of new shirts in the store.

There are 6 new shirts, featuring original artwork by Ian Oland and Rachel Cohen. These have been a labor of love by our talented art crew, so feast your eyes and maybe cover up your quivering naked torso.

And for today only, while America loses billions in lost productivity, we are discounting everything by one dollar. We’re also offering free shipping on all orders over $50 through Christmas (Coupon codes – US: SHIPFREEUS, Canada: CADSHIPFREE).

If you follow me the past jump, you can get a first look at our new bundles of joy.

Late-Night Filings: )))))))

RMNB Matryoshka Dolls: We loved Rachel’s illustration so much, we jammed it in the footer of every page.

Eye Exam: Let everyone know where you go to gush over Orlov and Kuznetsov.

Super Friends: Inspired by Joe Beninati’s greatest cold open ever.

Sasha Cares: Because who doesn’t think of Alex Semin as a cuddly love ambassador?

I Hate the Penguins: We eagerly await the first report of a fist-fight started because of this one.

All these, the dang Rally Balloon, and many more are available on our T-shirt site. Check ’em out now before we start price-gouging.

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