Download and Print the Dale Hunter Sign

Your boy Dan Steinberg found some old posters celebrating Dale Hunter’s 1993 return to the Caps after a 21-game suspension. Now that Dale is the team’s head coach, we’ve recreated those posters.

The mondo link below will download a PDF, which fits an 8.5 x 11 page perfectly. Download the file and print a few dozen of these bad boys out (on recycled paper, obvs) to pass out to everyone you see in Chinatown. Let’s make some noise tonight and make Huntsy feel welcome.

Pdf (213kb)

Crash the net.

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  • Youngjake21

    Would love to see this on a shirt ?!?!

  • Peter
  • Peter

    meh that guy is a Sabres fan

  • Anyone going tonight is welcome to print out my poster, as well…

  • Peter

    brilliant stuff!

  • ORazor

    This is awesome!

  • ORazor

    This is awesome!

  • Anonymous

     Josh: This is awesome! You need to stop designing things better than me or everybody will know what kind of fraud I really am. Not cool! haha 🙂

  • thatwilcoxguy

    Your work sells t-shirts. Mine just breaks copyright laws 😉

    Think the Caps would credential a random guy who makes vaguely ironic/humorous photoshop images?

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