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Alex Ovechkin’s had a tough year. He’s failed to find consistency in his game. He’s been benched, seen the coach that benched him get fired, and trails Jason Chimera in goals. He’s been criticized by almost every big-time NHL columnist in the country. Even future Hall of Famer Teemu Selanne has been asked what’s wrong with Ovechkin.

Tonight, however, we saw the first real flash of the old Ovi. You know– that creative, “you will not effing stop me from scoring even if you set up a brick wall in front of the goal and tie both hands behind my back” Ovechkin. In the third period against the Senators, with the game tied 2-2, the Caps started a breakout from behind their own net. And then Ovi decided he felt like scoring.

Let’s review.

After curling behind the net to build some speed, Ovi takes a drop pass from Nicklas Backstrom.

He goes for a skate.

Oh hey, Daniel Alfredsson!

See ya, Daniel Alfredsson!

Oh hey, Erik Karlsson! (NO RELATION TO JOHN CARLSON!)

The wraparound doesn’t look like an option…

Let’s try…



Bye bye!

Okay, time to blast it past Craig Anderson.

I’ma serious.

Just kidding!)))))) Let’s do snap shot instead!

Kiss glove.




  • Pbeercan

    SICKKK!!  gotta kove ovie!

  • Pbeercan

    SICKKK!!  gotta love ovie!!!

  • PBR sucks

    About fucking time. Ovie looked like his old self. He had hot hands last night and played smart.

  • If Locker would have been on his game last night, this is how he would have called Ovi’s goal

  • Are those yams stuck at the end of Ovi’s stick?

  • Rhino40


    I don’t claim to read lips or understand Russian, but I am pretty sure that the primal scream uttered by Ovie immediately after the goal was something along these lines:

    ABSOLUTELY Gawd-Damme RIGHT!!!

  • emKei

    is he sporting a blue tongue? #nowerewolf-justachowchow

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  • brian!

    Best part is if you listen to the video clip closely, he did that under a chorus of booing.

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  • Road worrier

    I think he likes being booed by opponents.  Unlike Bad Sasha,  Bad Ovi is good.  Bad Ovi scores and scares the crap out of opponents, causing them to ignore or screw up against the other Caps.  I think Hunter has told Ovi to be Ovi again, not the second coming of Scott Niedermeyer.