Scoring Change Steals Dennis Wideman’s Hat Trick

Photo credit: Mitchell Layton

When we went to bed on Friday, Dennis Wideman was the possessor of a hat trick. His three-goal night versus Toronto was the first by a defenseman for the Caps in a decade, the first overall by the Caps this season, and the first of Dennis’ career. It was also the first 3 PPG game among defensemen in the NHL since 2006.

No more.

This morning, the NHL updated the game’s scoring (via WaPo’s Katie Carrera), giving that final power play goal to Brooks Laich for his 7th on the season. Nick Backstrom loses his secondary assist, knocking him down to 31 points.

Wideman still takes from the night four power play points (2G, 2A) and the first multi-goal game of his career, but all those hats you threw on the ice are now a fraud. And he’s still minus-1 on the night. Dennis admitted as much on Friday night, but you should still blame it all on stupid old Brooksy.

Here’s video of all three goals:

And– for now– you can look at the still-unedited game summary while your heart grows cold and hard.

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  • British_Caps_Fan

    You Mad, Wideman?

  • Vokeswagon

    Just FYI some defensemen have had hat tricks since 2006, Chara scored a hat trick last season, 1/17/11 against the Canes.  Lidstrom had one on 12/15/10 against the Blues.  Stupid Brooks leg. 

  • Peter

    You’re right– I meant 3 PPG game. Apologies and fixed!

  •  But Wideman was saying he thought Brooksie tapped it in.

  • Hattrickz91_pt2

    it didnt look like it hit Brooks

  • It really doesn’t look like it hits Laich…oh well.

  • RyanC

    Laich didnt freaking touch it! I would say maybe on the 2nd goal there was more room for who may have tipped it but not the 3rd. Im now pissed.

  • Peter

    Looks like the NHL game summary has been updated. Party’s over.

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