VIDEO: Washington Capitals Holiday Light Show at Verizon Center

Clyde is among the best and most prolific photographers when it comes to the Caps. Here’s video of the Capitals introduction, shot by Clyde before the Maple Leafs game, featuring a healthy dose of Mannheim Steamroller Trans-Siberian Orchestra*.


* really?

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  • Devonte

    *trans siberian orchestra

  • Peter

    I kneel before your superior knowledge of weird music. Updated with my thanks.

  • Devonte

    they play it on the radio all the time.  i blame the wife

  • Wow…verizon center looks empty there.

  • Whiskey

    lol would you commute to chinatown for a light show?


    “A” for effort on the light show – but ultimately more deserving of a “Who Cares” chant than an opposing goal scored.

  • Goat

    My favorite part of the whole thing is the “snow” lighting towards the end of it.

    And yes, it was crazy empty at that point.