Download and Print the JAGR Signs

Jaromir Jagr Sign

After years of knowing he was on the far side of the world, Verizon Center is about to have another unpleasant outbreak of Jaromir Jagr. Tuesday’s game with the Philadelphia Flyers marks Jagr’s return to to his old team, reminding us all of a dark time in Caps history.

In deference to JJ, I have created two posters, ready to print and download.

The mondo links below will download PDFs, which fit an 8.5 x 11 page perfectly. Download the files and print a million of these little dudes out (on post-consumer paper, duh) to pass out to everyone you see at Verizon Center. Make some noise for 68 and let ’em know you remember him fondly. Hahaha.


Also, check out our DALE posters (recently seen on NHL Live!)

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  • Ian Oland

    No-Jagr shirts here:

  • M Miller

    Pittsburgh has never adequately thanked Washington for taking Jagr’s salary off our hands.  Then again, Beech, Sivek and Lupaschuk were hardly a “you’re welcome.”  =)

  • Rusty Shackelford

    Except, you know, 3/4ths of the people at the VC these days probably never watched Jagr play a single game for the Caps…..

  • seanmm

    If you download the signs, make extras.  I know some did not see this and have already left for the game.

  • CDizz

     Russian Machine Never Breaks…Unless It Is Breaking an Inferior Czech Machine.

  • Jalmer

    Just thought I’d leave this here…

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