Lessons in Humility: Flyers beat Caps 5-1

Greg Fiume

Photo credit: Greg Fiume

One morning during high school, I dressed up like the Devil for Halloween and then got roughed up by a tough guy. I remember cowering on the floor of the hallway, dressed up like an idiot. With our site all decked out in Jaromir Jagr flamebait, I feel the same way.

The Philadelphia Flyers taught the Washington Capitals humility and shame in a 5-1 mauling. All that bravado and confidence from two wins in a row? Evaporated. Flyers beat Caps 5-1.

Goals by Hartnell, Bourdon, Simmonds, Talbot, and Voracek. Jeff Halpern got the Caps on board with a rebound in the third. A few smart tip-ins, a couple unforgivable softies.

  • Tomas Vokoun had a pathetic even-strength save percentage: .809. He wasn’t pulled before the third period; the appropriate term is relieved. Michal Neuvirth was a sturdy pro in the scant 20 minutes he played.
  • The Flyers looked well tuned despite missing several vital players due to injury. Stick-to-stick passes and lots of leg speed from the white sweaters.
  • The Caps did not convert on 3 power plays, which they compounded by allowing several shorthanded chances.
  • Ilya Bryzgalov refused whatever scant offense the Caps could summon.
  • Joel Ward had puck control issues. Alex Semin was minus-3.  Dennis Wideman fired 5 shots.
  • Thank goodness for Jeff Halpern. He’s a rock.
  • 14:02 ice time for for de facto 4th liner, Mike Knuble. The guy rarely dipped under 15 minutes before this season.
  • This team is a mess.

That’s it for the recap. I’m taking my option. It’s not like you’re enjoying this anyway.

We’re gonna leave this obnoxious site theme up until Wednesday morning. It’ll teach us a lesson about cockiness. Also bandwidth.

Jets on Thursday. Then a date with Varly and the Avs, who are even worse than the Caps somehow.

What the hell are you smiling about, Craig?

  • rickvb

    At least Semin had 5 hits.

  • Jim

    I’m really unclear on why anything different was expected.  Our 5 on 5 was terrible in the last game against a team that isn’t amongst the best in the league.  So we expected a different outcome than this why?

  • blackyrobinson

    im glad we fixed all the problems we had with boudreau when we hired dh32 /sarcasm

  • Peter

    For real. All that “emptied the tank” bs is just a hollow cliche that masks how the team got lazy and underperformed. It’s not a coaching problem. Never was.

  • jjll0rky

    So no more optional practices?

  • It’s a roster issue. The truth is that the caps have beat up on crappy SE division teams for years and ignored gaping personnel problems on defense. Now, other teams have caught up. McPhee needs to make some big moves NOW or should be fired at seasons end, because at this rate, we won’t even be sniffing the playoffs.

  • No

    Someone explain to me what happened to our offense?

  • JH

    Where did our 2009 offense go? Just asking.

  • Ovetjkrieg

    I watched this game instead of studying for my exam tomorrow. *Tears*

  • Darb

    Radio, but same deal.

  • At least Sasha didn’t take a penalty.

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  • Dmitry

    When is Greenie coming back?!? 🙁

  • T Namb

    Sure.  Fire more management personnel.  That always fixes the problem.

  • I agree, T Namb. But I do think GMGM’s job is on the line. – P

  • JessHughes

    Patting self on back for going to bed after the 2nd period.  I know we have this new man-on-man defense system but it looks really UGLY when folks can’t keep up with their guy (cough, Wideman, cough, Hamrlik, cough Erksine).  We can’t do this system if Carlson, Alzner, and Orlov are the only D-men good enough to skate with the other team’s forwards.  And it wasn’t like Voukun was bailing anyone out either.  Yuck, indeed.   (I think my comment may have been longer than Peter’s recap 🙂 ).

  • It’s management’s job to stack the team with players who can play 2 way hockey and defensemen who aren’t special a la Jeff Schultz. It’s been the same problem in the playoffs for years and now its spilling over into the regular season. So yeah, that is McPhee’s fault.

  • Morgan

    The Russian Machine IS broke and I think Ovi has become Jagr II. His last two years performance certainly doesn’t justify his hugh paycheck. Given that contract and his recent performance, trading him would be a bit of a problem. If GMGM is still around for the next draft, I think he should move away from drafting Europeans and focus on talented grityy Canadain and American players. The Russian Machine IS broke and I am becoming increasingly sure it can’t be fixed. [Hope I’m wrong here but my doubts are increasing.] 

  • anyone else want to talk about the 2 russians not stepping up when the bell is called last night…ove got roughed into his bench and tablot made semin his girl

  • PuckVino

    Exactly right.The buck stops with GMGM. This combination of players, which, unfortunately no longer includes Jason Arnott, can’t get the job done. They are not a team in the true sense of the word.  There is no chemistry.  The players McPhee let get away, like Arnott, Fleischman, Steckel and especially Bradley to name a few, have hurt.  The ones he brought in are not only not playing well but also don’t seem to fit in.  I hope some big trades are in the future, including trading Semin.  We need them.


    And how exactly does a team get lazy?  Seems to me players get lazy when they know they can get away with it, and under BB they got away with alot.  The whole “accountability” meme towards the end of his tenure speaks volumes.  If you have to advertise that “accountablilty” is something that will be enforced, that signals to me that its something that wasn’t happening before.   Sort of like “compassionate conservatism” – you wouldn’t have to tell people you were compassionate if you actually WERE compassionate.  

    The coaching change was the right move.  Now, there will need to be some personnel changes to go with it (topic for another time).  None of this seems too surprising to me.  

  • Peter

    I… Agree

  • Dlane

    Just got an email from the NHL advertising the new HBO 24/7 “Flyers/Rangers Premieres TONIGHT at 10 ET only on HBO” … so are we the first team to be embarrassed 2 seasons in a row on this series?…. I really hope they weren’t filming last night 

  • Recinosej

    It’s time to bring up Holtby. Seriously, bring up Holtby. What is there to lose…….unless goalie issues are attributed to Olaf’s coaching.
    I understand our defense is struggling too, but a goalie has gotta stop those softies.

  • Rp_nut

    Don? Is that you?

  • hahahahahaahahaha

  • They were definitely filming last night.  There was an unexpected cameraman on the ice recording the Flyers coming down the tunnel pre-game and during the 1st intermission.

  • Guest

    Grapes go back to prepping for HNIC, I’m sure you’ve got something original to say this week. 

  • guest

    well who stuck up for semin when talbot did that.

  • Jacques Fahquelle

    Holtby has slow feet – for a goalie, that’s a big problem.  Esp. in the NHL.