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After Tuesday’s crushing defeat, the Washington Capitals hoped a trip to the frozen north and the Winnipeg Jets would bring good fortune. It was a tight one. A goalie’s duel. A game of inches.

We were scoar-less forever until Alex Ovechkin fired off Marcus Johansson’s tee-up. Caps beat Jets 1-0. Shut out for Michal Neuvirth!

  • The Ovechkam was about as exciting as B-reel from the London season of The Real World. (Is that show even on anymore?) But Alex Ovechkin showed up in the clutch, killing Pavelec’s shut out and winning the game. 
  • Michal Neuvirth was a sieve in net tonight. Unless sieve means he was bad. In which case, he was NOT a sieve.
  • Guys, I don’t know what sieve means. Whatever, 26 saves and a shutout for Little Mikey.
  • The Capitals had to kill three penalties in the front half of the game. Two of those calls– a Mathieu Perreault trip and a too many men whistle– were dubious. But with our little Quebecois firebrand shooting his mouth off at the refs, it’s understandable. The PK unit was perfect then and even better on Brooks Laich’s late-game holding penalty.
  • The Caps were behind in shots 14-5 in the first period. I’m not sure if it was the Caps who turned up the heat or the Jets who cooled off, but those numbers settled down with the Caps ahead 28-26.
  • Jeff Halpern, the Rock, won 9 of 12 faceoffs.
  • Alex Semin played some exciting hockey and did not commit “Slasha”, but he did demonstrate one of the laziest forechecks in recent history. Chasing a loose puck behind the Peg’s goal line, Semin knew a hit was coming and sluggishly waltzed into it, absorbed it, and left the ice. Sasha don’t care.

Joe B suit of the night

This one is all Mikey. If goalie performance has been plaguing the Capitals season so far, it was their savior tonight. We’ll see Neuvirth again on Saturday.

Meanwhile, Mike Knuble continues serving his time on the 4th line. He pulled just 12:29 TOI, committed a penalty, and failed to shoot on a huge shorthanded chance. Nonetheless, Kanoobs is a guy we want to see more of.  Let’s get him back on the top line, right? Who’s with me???

We’re gonna see our ex on Saturday night: Semyon Varlamov. Aaaaawkward. Poor baby Varlamonster has an .898 Sv% (38th in the league) and 3.05 GAA (36th). Let’s see what we can do about that.

“Vote Knuble 2012” by Ian Oland. Feel free to steal it and re-post it.

  • Pattyo

    Awesome Locker face. Awesome Neuvy. Trade Vokey. GO CAPS!

  • brian!

    Agree to top-lining Knuble, any chance for a higher-resolution copy for poster-purposes?

  • Karashp

    How about Wideman’s impressive play in this game. Monster save when Neuvie got caught in the open, great stops, and some excellent control on the point. Great game from him tonight.

  • bistrict

    Sieve = a goalie who lets in many soft goals (or many goals in general). AKA Vokoun in the last game. >:^(
    But yay! Shutout! Varly vs. Neuvy gonna be sick, man!!1!

  • hellyeah

    not a sieve (that word…I don’t think it means what you think it might mean)…a solid iron door that slams shut on the opposition.  Excellent game.  Looking like this team wants to actually play some hockey after all.

  • hellyeah

    p.s. yeah they need to put the K man back on the top line, IMHO

  • Chanhydel

    At this point a win, is a win, is a WIN.

  • Brian! I don’t think I can make this one work hi-res. The only good photos Peter found of Knuble for me were SUPER-tiny. So yell at him!

  • Anonymous

    yes, what they said. sieve is what you chant at the opposing goalie, willing it to be so.

    see: colander, strainer.

  • Peter

    Do you guys REALLY think I don’t know what a sieve is?

  • A sieve is something that is full of holes and is used to strain liquid from solid.

    A goalie who is called a sieve is not being complimented.

    Nuevy was a wall!!

  • Anonymous

    they don’t have college hockey around these hurr parts… and sometimes i just don’t know about you. =p

  • hellyeah


  • +1

  • The idea of Varly vs. Neuvy makes me a sad panda. 🙁

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  • I have a very well educated and knowledgeable friend who doesn’t know what a lot of things are … it’s possible … + you made a big deal out of it …

  • I. Write. Jokes.

  • serpent

    I can’t find any larger photos of Kanoobs,either. Could photo shop some of Han Solo. Same face, Mike’s bod is wa-a-y better, tho’.

  • Ryan

    lol saaaad panda…


    Princess Leia disagrees.  BTW why the sudden urge to see Knuble on the top line?  He hasn’t impressed me all that much this season – though I admitedly only pay attention to shiny objects.   To me it just seems like his age is starting to show.

  • brian!

    D’oh!  Oh well, I’ll still steal it and post.  Thanks!

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