Alex Ovechkin celebrates

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (Photo credit: Jonathan Kozub)

After 58:45 of play against Southeast division rival Winnipeg, Alex Ovechkin had just two shots and one hit. Through his last 15 games prior to tonight, Ovi had only two goals. Two!

With the lack of goals and hits, the Alex Ovechkin highlight reel known as the “OvechKam” has become a chore of late. For people who don’t know what I’m referring to, I’ll let a CSN press release via 2008 explain:

[The OvechKam] is a dedicated view that follows Capitals left wing Alex Ovechkin throughout the entire game, providing viewers with an unprecedented look at the most prolific player in the NHL today.

Ovechkin ranks first in the NHL in points, goals, points per game, and is tied for first in game winning goals [Ed. note: three years ago], and the “OvechKam” will enable viewers to study the All-Star’s every move, his reactions and all of his goals, up close and personal.

Well, tonight’s reel was a snoozefest.

OvechKam Video

For everyone keeping score at home, that’s ten seconds of Ovechkin warming up, four seconds of an illegal check in the back, three seconds of Ovi chatting jovially with best-bud Alex Semin on the bench. Zzzz.

Maybe that footage was all the universe needed to set itself straight. On Ovechkin’s next shift, Marcus Johansson left him a perfect drop pass and Ovi knew exactly what to do with it.

Video of Alex Ovechkin’s Tenth Goal of the Year

Unbelievable. Caps win 1-0, and John Walton goes wild.

Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to Alex Ovechkin’s first game-winning goal of the year, just 30 games into the season. That’s the latest in his career ever to earn a game-winner, but that doesn’t make it any less lovely.

  • tim

    Ameritel really needs to get rid of the whole Ovechkam concept.  When he was the only true star on the team, sure, but those days are long gone. Team before player.

  • Livia

    The photo is confusing–three of the fans  in Jets navy blue on the right look giddy after Ovi’s goal, and that guy in red on the left looks as if the end of the world has arrived. There’s no order in the universe or in Canada. Thanks for the link to John Walton’s call on the goal–that was fantastic!

  • Joey G

    Yeah…..Boo Ovi some more. I don’t understand how Winnipeg fans will just blindly hate a player. You should #1 be happy hockey is even back in your town. #2 be as respectful as everyone was to you when you re-joined the NHL. All that shows about you is your fan base is full of “Blind Fans”. Integrity people, don’t make Ovi go Anisimov on your ass and give you the boomstick. When has Ovi ever been in Winnipeg before this season? I’d love to hear your explanation on your hatred for #8. Or are you just riding all the NHL haters coat-tail?

  • In that lead-in picture, is that one Bob Woods sulking behind the glass to the left of the celebration?

  • nailedshutpunk

    hes still fun to watch skate even if he isnt scoring goals every time he touches the puck

  • It’s still funny to hear the OOOOO (pass silence pass) OOOOOOO (pass silence pass) OOOOOOO!!!!

  • i was JUST about to say that. holy crap, that’s totally bob woods’ doppel-g.

  • Janetmst3

    That is so Bob Woods wearing his Delirious red leather suit. Good. Call.

  • If you can pause the video at just the right spots this goal becomes more and more impressive.  Pavelec has his stick in perfect position blocking all but maybe 6″ of the 5-hole.  Ovi not only sneaks it through there like he was bullseyeing a womprat in his T-16, it looks like he also sneaks the puck between the legs (under the lower leg possibly?) of the defender in front of him.  Unbelievable.

  • Peter


  • emKei

    in those pictures, nicky always looks like the happiest girl in world. all smiles & everything. so nice, gotta love that dude.

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