Waste of a Saturday Night: Avs beat Caps 2-1

Check out Brooksy’s face. (Photo credit: Michael Martin)

The Washington Capitals headed to the mile-high city to meet the Colorado Avalanche with hopes of a perfect road trip. NOPE.

Cody McLeod chipped the puck from the blue line; Neuvy didn’t even see it. Alex Semin scored his first goal since November 23 with a really smart wrister. Erik Johnson snapped his own goal drought just a minute later. That was the GWG. Avs beat Caps 2-1.

  • The Capitals’ performance on the faceoff was– in a word– owuebfiwebwe.  Winning only 37%, the Caps struggled with possession throughout the game. Jeff Halpern, a faceoff specialist who wins 62.4%, took just 8 of 52 faceoffs (2 in the last minute). Why?
  • Mathieu Perreault fell ill during the first period and didn’t return to the game.
  • Just back from injury, Matt Hendricks fought his old buddy Cody McLeod. Unfortunately, McLeod pwned.

  • Alex Semin‘s goal is his first since November 23, busting a slump and relieving– temporarily at least– the accusations of sandbagging that someone people (i.e.) have been leveling lately.
  • What does the Caps’ power play have in common with the honey badger?  The honey badger also had just 3 shots on three power play opportunities on Saturday night. What a coincidence.
  • Michal Neuvirth gave highlander Cody McLeod a really flukey goal early in the first. Neuvy didn’t even see it. That wasn’t the performance Neuvirth wanted to follow his shutout on Thursday. Nonetheless, despite some shaky looks, Mikey kept his team in the game, 26 saves on 28 shots. File under: Not His Fault.
  • The altitude is not an excuse.
  • Dale Hunter’s Caps haven’t beaten an American team yet.
Joe B suit of the night

Joe B suit of the night

What a snoozer. The Caps did not hold a lead and were tied for only about four minutes.

When the Capitals surrendered a goal just one minute after tying the game, their offense disappeared. Usually the team behind in the score increases its offense, but the Caps did the opposite. The third period saw only ONE shot on goal until the closing minutes.

Why? Is this roster stocked with emotional basket cases who cannot cope with not having the lead? Is that the fallout from a gamut of postseason heartbreaks, last year’s losing streak, and getting their coach fired? If so, how does a team come back from that?

I don’t have the answers, but I can think of better things to do on a Saturday night than watch this team huff and puff and pout and sulk.

Mike Knuble Watch: 12:06 TOI.

  • Pattyo

    They really want me to give up………. I absolutely despise this team right now. They need to get their shit together NOW or playoffs won’t even happen.

    Give Brooks the “C”
    Healthy Scratch Obe4knh
    Keep Kanoobs in the top 6
    Call up Chris Bourque

  • I did something new and different tonight.  I had an appetizer of Toronto v. Vancouver before the main course this evening.  Wow.  What a difference it was to watch real hockey for a change.  Hockey where the players (all of them) looked like they were interested in being out there on the ice and being competitive.  I realized that this team is still playing round 2 against Tampa from last April in an endless version of playoff hockey … like a horrible real life version of Ground Hog Day.  Or something.  In any case, you’re right … I’ve got better things to do than watch this terrible boring game over and over again.

  • Peter

    Changing Captain isn’t gonna happen.

  • Pattyo

    I’ll always lobby for Brooks, no matter what. I do feel however, that a healthy scratch might do the ole’ Russian Machine some good…

  • VeryAngryGuest

    If you have honestly given up on this team or don’t believe in them anymore or don’t care or hate them, leave and stop calling yourself a fan. We don’t fucking want you. If there’s anything this team doesn’t need right now, it’s a bunch of no-good people who call themselves “fans” saying nothing but horrible things and not really caring.

    Real Caps fan still cheer for them no matter what. And the ones who call themselves fans and yet say they hate the Caps make me want to vomit.

  • Ajaxdesperados

    Totally agreed. Its not the end of a world and i believe in this group of guys no matter what.  Go Caps!

  • NeverStoppedBelieving

    Amen to you VeryAngryGuest!

  • Hell yes. Fuck those guys; ought to go root for the Bruins, they won the Stanley cup, they’re the bandwagon team right now.

  • McPhee needs to make some effective trades or its his ass.

  • Peter

    Do you mean me?

  • Mark

    Obviously, 22 on the top line is at least worth a try, right Dale? But that won’t fix the problem with the rest of the guys. Giving 21 the C is also something I want, but that won’t change much either. We’ve seen endless line combinations. Yelling at them between periods. Passive aggressive comments in the media about not performing. Dale is making them work in a system that probably is not as easy to play as zone. Nothing works. I advocate that we don’t look around the room and try to grasp inspiration from a piece of ther puzzle here, but maybe it’s time to really make some roster moves. More than 1 move. The coach wasn’t the problem, it’s our players that can’t handle adversity. Remove those pieces and see where we are at. At your work, are you psyched about the work ethic of some of your coworkers? Assemble random people and there will always be those that work harder/smarter than others. Same in sports.

  • Morgan

    Trades are definitely needed. Unfortunately, the underachievement of those who should probably be shipped out has decrease their trade value. Thus the question is: should the Caps go ahead and try to cut their losses now or hope the non-achievers will get their act together, wise up and start playing to their potential. I got a hunch that they will do the latter. Hope I’m wrong but wouldn’t bet on it. 


    Look – this is a season where we’re playing for a spot (any spot!) in the playoffs. 

    So to all those people who for years have said the regular season doesn’t matter – that only the playoffs matter – your wish has come true.  So quit complaining, shut yer yaps and hang tight until April.  Afterall, by your logic none of this misery really matters.  

    Now, for the rest of us (RMNB included) who understand the importance of regular season play, resume the hair pulling and hand wringing.  

  • I never heard anyone say they’re no longer cheering for the Caps. Honestly: grow up VeryAngry, or just take your vomit somewhere it’s welcome. Like Pittsburgh.

  • Morgan

    The way they are playing right now they may not make the playoffs. Also for your information–not that I doubt it matters–I think the regular season does matter.

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  • Although I’m a CAPS fan through and through I watch hockey from all over the league. I spill over highlight clips on my iPad in true sports geek fashion. I rush to the TV the moment I walk in the door to watch NHL on the Fly snub their noses at this POTENTIALLY great hockey team. I know hockey enough to say this…..there is ZERO inspiration on this team. I don’t know what it takes to motivate a group of guys who are constantly digging their own graves but I feel like it’s the key to making these guys successful again. Until then we will see no goals, crappy defense and half-ass hockey.

    I’ve resorted to religion at this point. Dear Lord, Tim Tebow doesn’t need you anymore….Ovechkin does.