“Kanooblian” by Mark Burrier. See Rare Words for more of Mark’s art.

Mike Knuble will play his 1000th NHL game on Tuesday night. And I get to write the pregamer! Woohoo!

There’s a team. They’re from Nashville. That’s where Steve Earle got busted for dope the first 40 times, and it’s where my girlfriend Hayley Williams lives right now. The Predators are 17-11-4. Their new guitar pick logo is awesome. They beat the Caps 3-1 last month, and their home jerseys harshed my rods and cones. Faith Hill hates Carrie Underwood. The Preds are just barely inside the playoff picture right now. D-man Shea Weber is insanely good (24 points, plus-15) and will get even better. But enough about them, let’s talk Kanooble!


The Face

  • Mike was born on the fourth of July in the American territory of Toronto, Ontario.
  • Mike Knuble has played for 5 NHL teams, of which only 4 suck vociferously.
  • Mike’s surname is pronounced ki-noo-bəl and it translates roughly as “Sorry, penguin.”
  • Mike has scored 271 goals from a cumulative shot distance of 169 feet.
  • Mike has averaged over 15 minutes a game since 2002, when he was grinding in Boston.
  • Mike won the Cup with Detroit in ’97 with Yzerman, Shanahan, and all those Russian dudes.
  • Mike has scored 31 goals against the Pittsburgh Penguins in just 60 some games.
  • Mike is in the midst of one of his worst seasons since… well… Y2k. He’s rocking a minus-7 right now.
  • Mike dishes awesome quotes when the team is struggling: “We look all like a bunch of clowns when we don’t [commit].”
  • Mike Knuble plays hockey on the fourth line of the Washington Capitals.

Your boy Mike Vogel tells me that Knuble will be just the 267th NHL dude to have played in 1000 games. (By the way, you really need to read Vogel’s article on Knuble. Go ahead; I’ll wait.) He’s been dressing for games since 1997, when people were actually listening to ska music. He didn’t find his stride until his 30s, but he’s been producing consistently since then. He’s been with the Capitals since 2009, when he looked at first glance like a poor substitute for Viktor Kozlov until we realized how stupid that was. That season– at the age of 37– Knuble put up 29 goals, mostly while working with Alex Ovechkin and Nick Backstrom.

Mike Knuble celebrates with linemates Backstrom and Oveckin after scoring in the Winter Classic.

Two seasons later, almost halfway into a one-year, $2 million contract, Mike Knuble is a fourth liner. Since November 23, Knuble has broken the 15-minute threshold just once– against his arch-nemeses in Penguins uniforms. It’s not surprising his output has stalled given that he’s missing 5 or 6 shifts per game and isn’t sharing the ice with a guy who used to be the most creative player in the league. He’s doing well in his grinder role, going only minus-3 in that period.

We’ve been unhappy about how Knuble has been used under late-era Boudreau and Dale Hunter. We’re not alone.  Mike Knuble is capable not just of great things, but of the very things the Capitals need right now: particularly, grit. Mike Knuble scoars goals like Waffle House hash browns; greasy. He scores at the end of cycles, he works hard in corners, he funnels the puck to the net with deliberation.

Shouldn’t he be one of Hunter’s favorites? Shouldn’t he be getting more ice time?

I believe that Knuble has great hockey ahead of him. He’s at 999 games right now. There are 51 left in this season. There’s a postseason looming after that. I’d like to see him in Caps red for another 82. It’s his sunset; let him ride off in his own damn way.

Usually I’d close with “crash the net”, which is awfully kanooblian. But instead I’m gonna quote the man himself:

“This is no farewell song.”

  • keamy

    One time I went to watch a practice, and there were only a few other people there, so I sat all alone, and Kanoobs came over to the glass and stared directly at me for like 30 seconds. I tried to look away but couldn’t. His eyes looked right through mine and into my soul. I felt this incredible power running through my veins in those 30 seconds. I haven’t been the same since.

  • Beautiful.

  • serpent

    Betcha his wife feels the same way. Mike’s always been one of the solid rock players we have. Consistent, talented,smart,humble and downright adorable. I hope he plays for us ’til he retires.You read that,GMGM?

  • I heard he once killed a bear with a can of tuna and a suggestion. His animal magnetism would be considered a concealed weapon, if it were concealed.

  • Dark Stranger

    Great article!  What does Knuble mean — for real?  Reports are it was derived from a German word for “knob”.   I know your “American territory of Toronto” was sarcastic — okay that’s true in Ovi’s opinion.  Both of Knuble’s parents had emigrated to America from Latvia as children even though his father was working in Canada at the time Mike was born.  Knuble, my favorite player among the veterans, even though my true favorites at the present time are the “kids”.  Knuble, the man who in a way reminds me of Harrison Ford.  Plus, he does not really belong on the 4th line — should be on the 2nd line at least.  He’s a grand old player playing in a “grand” worth of games.

  • Brewsterzonk

    What no poster? 

  • How do I begin to explain Mike Knuble?
    Mike Knuble is flawless.
    I hear his hair’s insured for $10,000.
    I hear he does car commercials… in Japan.
    His favorite movie is Miracle.
    One time he met Wayne Gretzky on a plane…
    And he told him he was the best.

    Penguin: One time he punched me in the face… it was AWESOME.

  • Tojohnson12

    Well, let’s HOPE there’s a postseason ahead.
    PS I still think so

  • Qdwg

    I hear the only man Chuck Norris fears is Mike Knuble.

  • Why does the Preds new logo have a Dragon Ball on it?

  • some pop culture references even I do not get    – Peter