Sasha Cares so Much… He Became a Care Bear

When I’m not illustrating, I sew things! Lots of my sewing work is costuming, but I sometimes make “normal” clothing and– most recently– plushies.

After I drew the design for the Alexander Semin “Sasha Cares” t-shirt, my mother gave me an excellent idea: “Why don’t you sew a real one?”

Drafting patterns is not my specialty, so to start I managed to get my hands on a vintage Care Bears “Wish Bear” plush pattern from 1983. So glad I didn’t try to make my own pattern—The one I bought had 20 different pieces to it, each with lots of little darts and seams and details.

The pattern itself was pretty straightforward, the only differences being the color scheme, and the appliqué details on the stomach, back, and face.

The shooting star on Wish Bear’s belly was now the silhouette of a Weagle. And to make sure people knew it was Sasha, I added his number to the back. They were both sewn on by hand. The shapes were too complicated to stitch by machine. Appliquéing by hand was tedious, but worth the result.

The hardest part of the plush was getting the face right after the whole body had been constructed and stuffed, especially the eyes. It took many trials to get them to look the way I wanted to. They differ from the original drawing, since the look of the eyes on the drawing did not translate to 3D as well as they do in just a flat illustration. The eyes and nose are hand-appliquéd fabric. The rest of the details (i.e. the eyebrows, mouth, and freckle-like dots) in the face were embroidered by hand with heavy-duty perle cotton thread.

After finishing the face, I gave Sasha Bear some hair and a signature obnoxious gold chain. And voilá! Alex Semin cared so much… He became a Care Bear. Sasha Bear is made entirely of fleece, and is super soft and cuddly!! You judge for yourself.

Sasha Care Bear

Sasha Care Bear

Will I ever make another Sasha Bear? Unless the man himself asks for one, NOPE. But this was a fun project to sew and who knows? There’s a pattern for a Care Bear Sheep out there. Maybe Sasha Bear will some day get his best pal to keep him company.

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  • Mrpastries

    he looks so… angry

  • Knuble’s Knights

    this turned out great! maybe next you could do a Knuble Goat – ha!

  • How many PIMS will it rack up?

  • Peter

    You already know this, Rachel. But I love it.

  • +1. Actually, can I commission this? Though the goat has to be wearing knight gear.

  • PuckBuddys

    Sasha Cares Bear needs $2000 Ferragamo loafers.  This is just too good. PuckBuddy swoon.

  • Peter

    This comments thread features mostly just people who write for the site and the Knights.

  • Peter Semin is just 4 PIMs out of the lead for minors. Brenden Morrow and Corey Perry are 1 and 2 with 21 and 20. CRAZY!

  • The look on his face….. priceless. Way to go Rachel! #Represent104 

  • Dougie Fresh


  • Blondy3

    please sell these i would buy like 20 of them if i could!

  • KTW

    The chain is an excellent addition.

  • Shinaain

    Rachel, you’ve inspired me. I crochet and sew,  and am looking into learning to illustrate. I’ve been interested to do amigurumi Matryoshka dolls to keep company with the monster-gurumis I keep at my desk, but I see now that I don’t have to stop there. I personally don’t care whether or not Sacha cares, but this is AWESOME. Do you have a blog for all of your crafts, or do you post only your hockey-related crafts for RMNB exclusively?

  • Shinaain

    Agreed. I actually think the chain kind of *makes* this.

  • Janetmst3

    Awesome! I have a Care Bear cross stitch pattern and am inspired to try to make a Sasha Bear. Do you mind? I would make it only for friends and not for sale!

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  • Shinaain, I have two sites for my work!

    My illustrations and prints can be found here:

    My sewing and craft work can be found here:

    I’m trying to teach myself how to crochet. I really want to learn how to make amigurumis!!

  • Go right ahead! I don’t mind at all. 😀

  • Shinaain

    Rachel, I replied to you at length through the .edu address posted on your sites.  If you’re interested, I can point you to some of the best resources I’ve found on the Web for learning crochet – including amigurumi. You can see the monster-gurumis I made for Halloween this year at the FB link I sent you in the email. Thanks for responding!