John Carlson takes a shot on Cale Chimera. (Photo credit: @slw357)

Lots of  stories unfolded today at Kettler Capitals Iceplex (MG52 may return on Tuesday, Alex Semin’s has a Schrodinger-y arm laceration), but there were none more awesome than Cale Chimera taking the ice.

Who’s Cale Chimera, you ask? A Hershey Bear call-up? The Caps traded Alex Semin, and he’s the new guy? No, he’s the four-year old son of the Caps’ second-leading goal scorer, Jason Chimera. You may remember him from last year, starring in almost every shot of our “Caps go bowling” charity post.

After Capitals practice ended today, Papa Chimera helped his son suit up in the locker room — mini gloves, breezers, skates, and all — and then took him onto the ice. Joined by John Carlson and Mathieu Perreault, the group playfully took shots on net. Cale, who skates better than DJ King, played goaltender for a bit and then the guys gave him his chance to take shots on them.

CSN’s Jill Sorenson, who we’ve teased all year, was actually the only beat writer to get the humangous big scoop.

I asked what position Cale wanted to play and Jason said, “What position do you want to play? Forward or Defense? Not goalie.” To which Cale responded, “I want to shoot the puck. I’ve been practicing a lot.”


RMNB readers @slw357 and Madison T., who both were at practice today, were nice enough to share with us their photos and video. Check ’em out below.

Photos and Video of Cale Chimera Practicing

Cale shoots… and falls! (Video via @slw357)

Hopefully Dale Hunter doesn’t see this or Perry will never play again. (Video via @slw357)

Cale takes a shot Perreault. (Photo credit: @slw357)

And scores! (Photo credit: @slw357)

Carlson takes a shot and Cale makes the save! (Photo credit: @slw357)

The guys horse around on the ice. (Photo credit: Madison T.)

So cute. (Photo credit: Madison T.)

  • Looks like Cale’s stick is one of Chimer’s old ones, just cut really really short. Gotta love it.

  • Simon

    Not surprised to see Perreault out there – I went to training camp and today’s practice… He obviously loves every minute on the ice.

  • So adorable!

  • serpent

    Another 15 years and we’ll have another Chimmer on the Caps!!

  • Darla Doxstater

    Wow!! Someone shorter than Matty P!!!!!!!!!!