Recapping the Capitals New Years’ Weekend Tweets

Lady Gaga and NYC Mayor Alex “the gr8” Bloomberg orchestrate the dropping of the ball.

Caps’ players certainly seemed happy this past weekend. How can you tell? With a Twitter account and a pair of binoculars. The guys were ragging on each other, answering fan questions, posting pictures, the whole shabangabang. I guess that’s what happens when you win four of six games and get Sunday off. Now that our hangovers have finally subsided, here’s a sobering recollection of those tweets.

Join me if you will, RMNB readers, and let’s take a journey into the complex social (network) lives of our favorite players.

Karl Alzner — a dude who thinks getting a +1 is cooler than scoring goals, has Justin Bieber on his iPod, and owns the box set of Xena Warrior Princess — calls our taste into question. (I got your back, Peter.)

Alex Ovechkin, violating proper punctuation and first-grade capitalization rules, wishes Caps fans a gr8 2012. best!!))))))

Four minutes later, Ovechkin’s butler Alfred gets ahold of Ovi’s Blackberry and tweets something of his own.

Caps prospect Stan Galiev puts on his serious face.

Cody Eakin and John Carlson explain what Mathieu Perreault and a jellyfish have in common.

Karl Alzner has a new dog named Duncan and it’s almost as hairy as he is.

Mike Knuble, who is nearly the perfect person in every way, unsurprisingly has good taste in baseball teams too. Go O’s!

John Carlson reveals what Karl Alzner got him for Christmas and what he got for him in return

And then there were the tweets I failed to embed. Like one certain player’s love for a country song that would be NSFW. Or John Carlson’s explanation of how he got the #74.

Anyways, you should follow all of these guys if you’ve got a Twitter account — us too — and say hello. And if you don’t have a twitter account, you should get one today. Let’s hope the winning continues!