Peter and Neil on Up the Pucks, a Punk Rock / Hockey Podcast

Peter teamed up with RMNB graduate (and current writer) Neil Greenberg on the Up the Pucks podcast this week. [NSFW: Naughty language]

Up the Pucks is a podcast equally enraptured with hockey and punk rock. Each week, Peter (not me) and Brandon call up a co-host from another NHL city. This time it was us.

Humangous big link to Peter and Neil on UTP

In addition to the forestalled realignment effort and the Washington Capitals, we discussed the reunions of Refused and At the Drive In. After, Neil and I had a very provocative discussion about the Caps situation right now, and I bet you’ll find it as depressing as I did.

Here’s your pull quote: “I think what we’re looking at is a team that is broken.” – Neil

I’d like to personally thank Brandon and Peter for having me on the show.

They run a great program, and it was a blast. Here’s my favorite ATDI song, just for kicks:

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