Video: Karl Alzner Fights Steve Downie and Lands a Punch

Ladies and gentlemen, Karl Alzner‘s first NHL fight occurred tonight against everyone’s favorite antagonist, Steve Downie. Alzner landed one solid right, took a few punches to the visor, and then wrestled Downie to the ice when things started looking a little dicey. How awesome is that though?

Even more incredible is the fact that Alzner chirped at Downie after he reported to the penalty box. This comes from one of the most mild-mannered players in the NHL. I seriously would love to know what Downie said to start this.

Per, this was Alzner’s fourth career bout. He actually dropped the gloves three times when he played junior hockey in the WHL.

You can check out a photo of the dust-up below the jump.

Photo credit: Nick Wass

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