Rene Bourque Guest Stars in Mike Tyson Punch-Out

On January 3rd, Rene Bourque — then of the Calgary Flames — elbowed Nicklas Backstrom in the jaw. The reckless play resulted in both a concussion for Backstrom and a Shanaban for Bourque. Capitals players thought the elbow was a cheap shot, but they failed to exact retribution. Sigh.

“It’s one of those things where it kind of sucks because we’re not able to play (the Calgary Flames) again this year,” Troy Brouwer told reporters after the game.

Troy is in luck. Bourque was traded Montreal last week. And look at that! The Caps play the Habs… tonight!


Inspired by my favorite NES video game of all-time — Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out — here’s how we think tonight will play out for Bourque.

Video by Max Duchaine. Concept and graphics by Ian Oland.

  • Karline

    BEST ahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!))))))))))))))))))

  • Oh lord….

  • Sam Tignor

    My simple human body can barely grasp the awesomeness of that video.

  • Jim

    Wow.  You’ve outdone yourselves here.

  • Betsyphilpott

    So sickkkkkk


    FUCKING GREAT! hahaha

  • Well done.

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  • Rhino40

    OMFG, Max…this was priceless/precious/FULL OF EPIC WIN!!!…right up there with “NES Ovechkin stick of fire I score goal”–which, come to think of it, also featured Les Grenouilles in a supporting (read: victim) role…

    GO MAX!
    GO CAPS!!

    OBTW:  that Idea I exchanged wth you a while back about “1812” montage…I found the best. perfomance. ever.

    Made me cry…which ain’t easy!

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  • Max Duchaine

    Thanks for the kind words guys!

  • Sillyduck8

    I wish this were closer to what actually happened last night, but fabulously done.

  • serpent

    Hendy tried his best but i would rather have seen Erskine flatten the idiot, with that cute little smile he keeps plastered on his adorable kisser.

  • Roadworrier

    Well, we got three more games against these guys.  Maybe next time Ovi gives him a Ruutuu-hit.  Hell, let’s bring up Chris Bourque from Hershey and see the two bros go at it.

  • Charlie

    This video definitely made my weekend.