RMNB Week in Review; Alzner Fights, Ovechkin Raps

Photo credit: paparazzi.ru

This week, the Caps went 3-1-0 against the Lightning, Hurricanes, Islanders, and Habs, and if you asked someone who they thought was the only team to beat us, they would probably be surprised by the answer. Despite being outshot 77-136, the Caps still managed to outscore opponents 9-7 and take 6 of 8 points. Especially if you blindly ignore that Tuesday ever happened, it was a pretty good week.

Elsewhere in the NHL, a compelling case was made for wearing helmets in warmups, Mrs. Pronger made us sad about Chris Pronger again, Brian Elliott was re-signed in St. Louis, Chara and Alfredsson were named captains of the All-Star Game, Rangers owner James Dolan apparently has no idea the Stanley Cup is not awarded in January, and Ryan Kesler and Alain Vigneault had a lovers’ quarrel.

In case you were wondering the most important question–how does everything in the world apply to the Washington Capitals?–here’s a helpful guide to what’s terrible this week.

Best of the week

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  • Knuble’s Knights

    We choose to welcome Ana to the blog by smugly pointing out the difference between resign and re-sign. 

    But seriously, cool idea – looking forward to seeing where WIR goes from here. One suggestion – maybe incorporate non-hockey events into the timeline to give some perspective. Like, where do things like the Great Wikipedia Blackout of Jan. 18, 2012, or being forced to comprehend the idea of Newt Gingrich in an “open marriage” stand in relation to all this?

  • Peter

    KK: That’s my bad. I was a lazy editor today. I am resigned to my badness.

  • Ana

    Oh man, yes, uh, that was totally…Peter’s fault. Also the typo I made in the links. ALL PETER. 

    Thanks for the welcome! Have to admit that if the article was about Elliott being resigned to playing in St. Louis, it would probably be a lot more interesting. 

  • Anonymous

    “conneticut” makes me sad. other than that, i loves!

  • Ana

    Oh my stars. Not one but three typos. I am an expert at first impressions!

  • To complete the picture, Brian Elliott, not Elliot. I know that nobody cares, but still.