Evgeny Kuznetsov is introduced to the crowd. (Photo credit: KHL All-Star Game site)

Our all-Evgeny Kuznetsov/all-the-time policy continues with this contractually obligated recap of the 2012 KHL All-Star Game and SuperSkills competition held in Riga, Latvia, on Saturday.

Kuznetsov nearly won in both the Fastest Skater and Breakaway Challenge. He also tallied a goal and an assist for Team Fedorov in their 15-11 win over Team Ozolins during the All-Star Game.

Below the jump, we’ve recapped our favorite moments from the the KHL’s signature event.

Team Ozolins’ Mikhail Anisin Sings “O Sole Mio!”

During the SuperSkills’ competition, the KHL passed the mic off to Dynamo Moscow’s Mikhail Anisin, who performed “O Sole Mio!” Yes. This actually happened. Fedor also tells me that Anisin studied music during school and once had an hour-long concert while with Sibir at their Fanfest. The 5’5” tenor also doesn’t mind fighting and stomping on other opponents (#88 in the video).

Fastest Skater Competition

Evgeny Kuznetsov lost by 0.01 seconds to Mikelis Redlihs of Team Ozolins. When Kuzya was asked about his near win, he replied,”I’ve never been a stand-out in speed, probably something’s wrong with the timer.” Oh, Zhenya.

Hardest Shot Competition

Kuznetsov’s teammate on Traktor Chelyabinsk, Alexander Ryazantsev, won the hardest shot competition with a “world record” of 183.67 km/h or 114.127 mph. Fedor tells us this is the first time anyone’s ever hit the 180 km/h mark. While that’s impressive and everything, it’s hard to take this feat very seriously when KHL players shoot approximately 7 feet closer to the net than the NHL does.

Breakaway Competition

Vladimir Tarasenko won the competition — beating out defending champion Kuznetsov and Mikelis Redlihs — with his devious puck-literally-on-a-string trick. Kuznetsov’s attempts begin at 2:50 above.

Captain’s Challenge

Sergei Fedorov and Sandis Ozolins — two class acts and legendary players — play hockey billiards, hockey bowling, hockey volleyball, hockey basketball, and hockey biathlon on the ice. A novel idea by the KHL. The former Capital, Federov, ended up winning. Coverage of the event starts at the 3:00 mark above.

Lokomotiv Memorial Ceremony

The fans chant “Lo-ko, Lo-ko” at 1:28. This gave me goosebumps.

Photos from the All-Star Game

Fedorov is all smiles after the game.

  • Tiago Cardoso

    KHL All-Star Game 2012
    January 21, Riga, Latvia – Arena Riga

    The Legends Game

    Vyacheslav Fetisov Team (Russia)
    11 vs 7 (5:1; 2:3; 4:3)
    Helmuts Balderis Team (Latvia)

    Master Show Skills Competition

    Fastest Skater – Mikelis Redlihs
    Longest Shot – Dmitri Kalinin
    Puck Control Team Relay – Team Ozolins 
    Goaltender Competition – Chris Holt
    Shooting Accuracy – Sergei Mozyakin
    Hardest Shot – Alexander Riazantsev
    Shootout Skill – Vladimir Tarasenko
    Captains’ Duel – Sergei Fedorov
    Fastest Skater Team Relay – Team Fedorov

    Team Fedorov (East) 
    15 vs 11 (3:4; 5:4; 7:3) 
    Team Ozolins (West)

    Game Report

    Team Fedorov
    3 Brandon Bochenski 
    2 Alexander Ryazantsev
    2 Alexei Kalyuzhny
    2 Roman Cervenka
    1 Alexander Radulov
    1 Evgeny Kuznetsov
    1 Vladimir Tarasenko
    1 Jakub Petruzalek
    1 Ilya Nikulin
    1 Evgeny Medvedev

    Team Ozolins
    3 Sergei Shirokov
    3 Mikhail Anisin
    1 Vadim Shipachyov  
    1 Zbynek Irgl
    1 Martins Karsums
    1 Kirill Koltsov 
    1 Sandis Ozolins

    Replays: KHL All-Star Game 2012

  • Kirill Kazakov

    Actually it doesn’t matter how close you shoot, the timer is specifically set to capture the initial speed. There is much more proof to this, I would evaluate more openly if I had more time.