TSN’s Bob McKenzie on Possible Alex Ovechkin Suspension

Photo credit: Ryan Remiorz

11:46 PM Update: NHL.com reports that both Ovechkin and Michalek will meet with the Department of Player Safety on Monday.

Bob McKenzie of The Sports Network is hockey’s version of a public intellectual; his thoughts matter concretely to the game. On Sunday night he took to Twitter to address Alex Ovechkin’s hit on Zbynek Michalek and possible discipline that may follow from it. We won’t call it “supplemental” discipline, because there was no primary discipline– although there certainly should have been.

Here’s what Bob says:

By the CBA’s definition (18.3.c), Alex Ovechkin is not a repeat offender. His last discipline was in March of 2010, more than 18 months ago. That 2010 suspension was for 2 games after Ovechkin boarded Chicago’s Brian Campbell (no relation to the then discipline czar Colin Campbell).

Ovechkin’s status as a repeat offender expired several months ago, but any history of discipline may still be considered by Brendan Shanahan– including knee-on-knee hits against Tim Gleason and Sergei Gonchar, the Brian Campbell boarding, and any alleged Chris Neil yambagging.

I won’t argue that Alex Ovechkin hit the head, but I submit that the principal point of contact was Michalek’s shoulder:

Alex Ovechkin’s hit absolutely deserves the attention of the player safety people. He left his feet to hit a player who did not have the puck– and he did hit the head. But I do not agree with McKenzie’s characterization or the selective focus when compared to Michalek’s hit on Matt Hendricks just a few minutes later, which also was not mentioned in an article by Puck Daddy.

And besides, Bob McKenzie is Canadian and therefore incapable of coherent thought.

To prove this, we enter into evidence the career of one Bryan Adams:

The defense rests.

Ed. note: Just noticed this article is eerily similar to one Adam Vingan posted on SB Nation. In an attempt to quell our longstanding and bloody feud, here is a link to his post and a blurb for the dust jacket of his first book, free of charge: “Adam Vingan’s puns are to writing what Prince is to music, but without the creepy sex vibe.” – Peter Hassett

  • If the Caps need anything, it’s more of their starting players being out.

  • Dougie Fresh

    Why is a Canadian incapable of coherent thought? You follow a fucking team that is nearly half canadian including but not limited to Brooks Laich, Troy Brower and Dennis Wideman. Three of our best players. Oh and guess what? George McPhee, Canadian. Are his thoughts incoherent? Would you disagree with all of his personel moves? Dale Hunter, Canadian. Former team captain and current coach. I guess he’s just a babbling dumbass. If you dislike Canada so much might I suggest watching American football instead of hockey, a sport invented by Canada and a sport dominated by the great white north.

    Like it or not Canada is a great country, that has produced scores or great players. Also the U.S. plays a similar style of hockey to that of Canada. To hate Canada is to hate America.

  • Peter

    You have offered a well reasoned and lengthy rebuttal to a completely ridiculous joke. I don’t know what to tell you, but I don’t think you can get that time back.

  • Hey jackass, he’s making jokes.  Get over yourself.

  • a_DORITO

    Canadians are just pissing and moaning cause their Cry Baby is still out for diving into a headache. 

  • Trevor

    It’s a joke…

  • Dougie Fresh

    It’s not a joke at all. Many of your readers will likely grow to think the same way, in turn causing a domino effect of stupidity. We already have enough mid-informed fans, be conscious of what you write.

  • Dougie Fresh

    Nice avatar. Fag.

  • Dougie Fresh

    His name is Sidney Crosby. I’d like to see you take a hit from Stecks or Victor Hedman and try to function.

  • Peter

    but but but I used Bryan Adams as proof of Canadian stupidness… how could something so dumb not be a joke?

  • Thanks a lot, Peter. Now I hate Canada.

  • katie

    While I’m not feeling quite so full of vim and vinegar about this, as a fellow Canadian, I agree that the joke was a little ill placed. No obvious punch line (Bryan Adams doesn’t count–you could have at least gone with the Biebs) made it a little difficult to swallow.

    Just sayin’!

  • ghostibator

    not to rain on your…stormcloud…but I definitely took no offense  by reading that (and definitely laughed a few times too). If you didn’t notice that was intended as humor, then I’m not sure  you should be reading RMNB – when has it not been satirical?

  • Alex Jankovic

    I believe the CBA definition is found in 18.3 (c), not 18.4 (c).

  • Peter

    right you are…  

    will update


  • Bobby Gee

    I just saw on NHL Network Ovie and Michalek will have separate disciplinary hearings on Monday related to their hits during the game.

  • adam

    Steckel has nothing to do with it!! Get over it!!

  • Jim

    It’s okay though, I’ve thought less of Canada ever since that documentary, “Bigger, Longer, and Uncut” taught me to blame Canada.