At the end of the second period between the Capitals and Penguins, Paul Martin seems to say words to Jason Chimera that are supposed to verboten in the new NHL.

Around 2.5 seconds into the video above, Paul Martin appears to call Chimera a derogatory name for a gay man. (Sorry to be so stilted about it, but it’s hard to discuss these things for a wide audience. Plus, there’s no audio, so we can’t be certain.)

Martin started the third period in the penalty box for a slashing penalty that we could not locate.

So if Paul Martin is seen calling another player a [expletive] on national television and the league does nothing about it, then they’re just feckless and craven worms, right?

Reminder: our comment policy is strictly enforced. Be mindful of the difference between “what they did” and “what they are”.

Thank you to @tonytenor1 for pointing this out, and thanks to Peter Robbio for the video.

  • Guest

    He definitely did.  Good eyes.

  • JayRockers!

    With the mouthpiece in I’m not seeing him mouth anything that looks offensive.




  • Nofaves

    Looked to me as if he were shrugging his shoulders and saying, “Like f@*%!”  And there’s no way without audio or context to tell the difference between one of those two “F” words and the other by lipreading.

  • Sonja Andrews

    I saw it …. twice.  Once with mouthpiece in and then with it out.  I guess just in case. 

  • Darla Doxstater

    It does *look* like that British slang term for cigarettes. But also keep in mind: Professionals will tell you “beer” and “milk” speech-read the same.

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  • Anonymous

    please change “homosexual” to “gay man” or “gay person.” please see (also see the full media guide available here ) for future reference. thanks, love you guys.

  • Peter

    Thanks, Jenn. Done and done.

  • brandee

    I noticed it..and I was like “did he just say that!?” My dad can read lips pretty good, and he said yeah. Not that that is a determining factor, just what we noticed.

  • No

    You forgot to change it in your comment

  • Anonymous

    you rock.

  • As with the Simmonds and Avery tete-a-tete from the preseason, a zebra was within earshot and could easily confirm.

  • Peter

    Could and probably won’t. Typical Montreal. Except, ya know, not in Montreal. 

  • serpent

    At least he didn’t mention anything from the produce section. That seems to get Toronto all riled up.
    That particular F word is usually bandied about by middle schoolers. Gives us an insight into Martin’s level of social maturity,eh?

  • Guest

    good read!  10 years ago, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion, although this is not the first or last time homophobic slurs have been used by athletes

  • Bob

    who cares? Players call each other even more offensive names all the time…..