Alternate Cut of the Alex Ovechkin Suspension Video

Our Russian spies have infiltrated NHLHQ and recovered this alternate cut of Brendan Shanahan‘s suspension video for Alex Ovechkin. This video, archived by RMNB contributor Max Duchaine, contains several revelations about Shanahan’s mental state.

What we find is a broken man at the edge of madness, hated by all, who retreats to a lonely room to watch teen dramas and weep quietly. Do not loathe this man. Pity him.

Thanks again, Max.

  • Jim


  • Dan


  • Betsy

    I love this site. But as a huge Pacey fan this will probably be my absolute favorite post.

  • Rob Rosenthal

    Please, hands off my tiny grapes!

  • Sara Bae

    HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! what is really funny isthat what his mouth looks like its saying!

  • Holy crap that’s funny.

  • serpent

    Holy cats! that’s great. You know you’re going to get suspended for it, though, right?

  • Peter

    why suspended? we didn’t leave our feet once

  • Rhino40

    OMFG, Max!!!



  • Sonja Andrews

    hahaha … way to take some of the sting out.

  • Guest

    on an unrelated note, if you guys like these lib-dubs, this is a pretty good one of Ron Paul:

    This was a pretty hilarious one though

  • Peter


  • Doodbro

    Yeah…that’s the point…

  • CDizz

    You were still responsible for where the video landed the moment it left the editing program.

  • Peter

    but we don’t have a history of creepy videos, so I think we’ll be fine

  • Cain

    Damn funny.

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