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Since Alex Ovechkin has opted out of the All-Star Weekend (and has better things to do anyway), Dennis Wideman is now Washington’s lone representative in Ottawa. While Wideman is perhaps slightly less likely to don a hat and sunglasses and do trick shots, he’s a Capital, so we love him all the same. We’ll be covering Wideman’s foray into the glamorous life of an All-Star, so check back for updates, because let’s face it, you’re already bored without hockey.

Dennis Wideman was picked in the 15th round with the second-to-last pick that could be used on a defenseman, before only Canucks defenseman Alexander Edler. This means that we can get hipster now if we want and call him underrated. We knew Dennis Wideman when he wasn’t cool. Logan Couture was picked last overall and won a brand new caaaaarrrrr! Somehow it just wasn’t the same without Ovechkin there laughing and taking pictures.

Best Moments

  • Pavel Datsyuk went first overall to Team Chara. Erik Karlsson got picked first for Team Alfredsson because he babysits Alfie’s kids, apparently.
  • Alfie got confused about what round it was multiple times, leading to excellent cutaways of him asking everyone around him.
  • Do the Leafs suck? I feel unsure. I wish that someone would have clarified this.
  • Carey Price, clearly not expecting to be picked by a Bruin and a Leaf, had a mouthful of water when he was picked by Team Chara, and spent a good thirty seconds remembering how to swallow. It wasn’t an actual spit-take, but it was close.
  • James Duthie somehow talked to Tim Thomas about the White House scandal without ever once actually mentioning what happened. Because, you know, he wouldn’t want to distract from the event at hand.

Best Quotes

  • Joffrey Lupul on being booed every time he took the podium: “I like it. I don’t want to be cheered in Ottawa anyway.”
  • Jason Spezza: “I owe Malkin 20 bucks. I told him he’d get picked before me.”
  • Carey Price: “Is Z going for offense or defense? Wait remember, there’s no defense.”
  • Tonight in unintentional rhymes: “Our third pick…Jonathan Quick.”
  • Jarome Iginla to Patrick Kane: “Hey, what’s up man?” Kane: “Yeah, you too.”


  • Chara to Tyler Seguin after making him wait till the second-to-last round: “Hug it out?”
  • Cody Hodgson on ending up on Team Chara “It wasn’t my choice.” Pained face.
  • Jason Spezza and Erik Karlsson discussing Sedin mythology: “I wonder if him and his brother will have any chemistry in the game?” “Doubtful.” “Aliens.” “They know where to pass the puck without even talking. It’s insane.”
  • Alfredsson on Marion Gaborik being picked by Team Chara: “We were hoping Gaborik would be left, but Hank said you can’t score on him anyway.”

Important Questions

  • Do they know who each team is going to draft beforehand, or do they just have two of each sweater for everyone?
  • Who is most desperately in need of a haircut: Letang, Stamkos, or Hartnell? Discuss.
  • What do you call a person who lives in Ottawa? Is it Ottawan? Ottawaian? Ottauan?
  • Slava M

    They got two sweaters.
    Letang’s hair is fabulous.

  • Betsy

    They have two sets of sweaters. Stamkos looks disgusting and should cut his hair. Wides was super cute and excited!

  • Hale

    I like Hartsy’s hair.  Reminds me of my high school boyfriend.  So, no cutting!

  • katie


  • Ana

    Well then I hope they are made of easily recyclable materials and/or are going to a good home, such as my home, immediately. 

  • A Fine Messi

    a)  It’s a conspiracy.  They know beforehand.
    b)  Letang gives me acid reflux.
    c) Otters.

  • WhereIsOvie


  • Peter

    I love you

  • Whereisovie


  • WhereIsOvie

    Hands off my tiny grapes

  • Dark Stranger

    Meanwhile, Ovi ended up going to the beach in Florida.  There’s an article, complete with picture, at the Alex Ovetjkin blog with details

  • Jesshughes51

    Apparently there were about 20 of us watching…Loved Chara’s “hug it out.”  Also was mildly amused that Chara is just that much bigger than all of the other NHL players.  Oh, and did Joe B advise Wideman on his suit choice?  It was bit too shiny for the bright lights. 

  • Ana

    Increasingly suspicious that Chara was picked as captain just for the constant sight gag of him being taller than everyone. You would think it would get less funny but IT DOESN’T.

  • That 15th round pick couldn’t have been used on a goalie, all goalies had to be gone by the 10th round.

  • Ana

    Oh hey, you’re right, not sure why that’s in there. Thanks for the heads up!