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The Washington Capitals reclaimed the Southeast Division lead with a thunderous victory over the Florida Panthers, who kind of sucked. It’s possible that the Panthers expected to play the doughy 2011-2012 Capitals. When the Caps came out all tumescent instead, the Cats were probably bewildered. Great game.

Mathieu Perreault scored on the games first shot, a plucky shut set up by Jason Chimera just 13 seconds into the game. Alex Ovechkin zipped past the Florida D to convert on the power play. Jason Chimera opened the second period with a shorthanded goal, his second of the year. 10 minutes later, Alex Ovechkin’s blazing fast wrister surprised Scott Clemmensen. No goals in the third period. Caps beat Cats 4-0.

Good win. Let’s rock out before we get to the bullets. Here’s a very appropriate new single by The Darkness, “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us.”

  • Despite our panicked warbling, Brooks Laich is nigh-invulnerable. After taking what looked like a nasty hit to the knee on Sunday, BL21 dressed and played tonight– albeit with abbreviated ice time. If only Cal Ripken were at this game, we’d have two steely eyed iron men that can make even the straightest dude in straighttown go whoa.
  • During this afternoon’s media time, Alex Ovechkin made a point of how much pressure is on him right now. His two goals and relentless pursuit of that hat trick put deed to those words.
  • Betcha a shiny buffalo nickel that some schlub in the Canadian hockey media calls Ovi selfish for going after the hatty so hard.
  • Tomas Vokoun was dialed in like a transcendental freak. He was sensing puck vibrations on the breeze or something, as he solved Kris Versteeg‘s line (which is awesome) at every turn. Vokes also got plenty of luck along the way; the Panthers missed a whopping 15 shots. This was Voke’s second shutout in the last three games. 42 saves.
  • Jason Chimera‘s two shorthanded goals represent the entirety of the Capitals 4-on-5 conversions this season. Chimmer had two points, including a very smart pass to Matty Perreault on the game’s opening shift. He is good at hockey and deserves applause.
  • #KnubleWatch: Mike Knuble recorded 0 shots in 10:07 of ice. Dude makes a little bit of money, but after going unused by Dale Hunter for so long has the Old Man finally given up the ghost?
  • I know you guys don’t like him, but I think Jeff Schultz is awesome. Reasons: 1) he’s 8 feet tall; 2) Brittany spaniel named Riley; 3) nickname is Giraffe; 4) has played stolid defense since returning to active duty. You’re gonna say something about how he’s not physical enough, but if physicality were that important, Joel Rechlicz would be crashing in Ovi’s 10th guest bedroom right now. Tell me how I’m wrong.
  • Matt Bradley didn’t fight anyone, so I didn’t have to cry tonight. Small victory on top of a big one.
  • Feels weird to be on the right side of one of these blowouts, don’t it?


Joe B suit of the night

The Washington Capitals now lead the Southeast Division. They’re back in the playoff picture.

They fired shots like crazy in the first half– and didn’t really need to in the second half. Finishing up with only 24 shots is below what we wanted, but it’s understandable given the blowout up on the scoreboard.

Nothing’s gonna stop us now. Jets, you’re next.

  • Pattyo

    Perry scoared just 10 minutes after i had ordered 2 tickets to see us play the habs on the 24th.

    This might have been the best game we’ve played all season!

  • Chanhydel

    I think Schultzy was awesome tonight.  And deserves to be played more.

  • Zoltonite

    “You have to go to them sometimes.” Thank you, Piglet

  • Guest

    great win. with all the injuries though, i am having a hard time keeping track of the lines though.  Guess it’s good to be flexible in that regard in some sense

  • DildoBaggins

    Good call on Schultz. Ever since BB scratched him (the second time) after he had a couple of those cross-ice-in-front-of-his-own-goal-w-t-f passes, he really began to appear to be working hard on his game. And then WaPost began reporting JJ was working with him. It’s good to see him back out there and finally looking like he knows what he’s doing. Now I only wonder when the crap Carlson can have a seat to beat it into his brain that he needs to focus on wtf he’s doing.

    Also, when will the CAPS have a clinic on how to clear the puck correctly? And while their at it, how to accept a pass…

    But they won, so who cares! WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  • Ignore the shot totals. The only reason they were so high is because the caps were forcing them to the outsides; to the walls. That’s credit to some REALLY good defense in the last 2 periods especially. GO CAPS

  • Hassettpm

    Sort of, but the Caps are still 29th out of 30 at Fenwick when they’re up 2 goals. 

  • Joe B. needs to wear that suit every game for the rest of the season…..

  • Ned Nederlander

    Plus, the most ridiculously beautiful marine I’ve ever seen honored at the game.  Holy smokes!

  • Allie

    Glad that schultzy is back(:

  • Allie

    man…those mustache guitars…awesome

  • Peter

    so boss, right???

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