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Tonight the Caps are holding a casino night for charity. The sold-out event is sponsored by Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races, whose blackjack tables are totally rigged I think. The event is very wholesome, and all proceeds will go to Caps charities. That’s a much better way to waste money than, say, benching Mike Knuble and his $2M contract so you can play Jay Beagle’s lanky ass instead.

There’s one problem: Nick Backstrom is going. NB19, as you know, hasn’t played hockey since suffering a concussion at the hands of Rene Bourque in early January.

You guys gotta promise me you’ll be cool hanging out with Nicky tonight. He’s had a rough go of it lately. For that reason, RMNB has compiled a list of things you should keep in mind as you rub elbows with Backstrom and fritter away cash at the event.

  1. Minimize flash photography. We have no idea if flashes are bad for a healing brain, but it’s gotta be annoying at least, right? Addendum: RMNB Photog Chris Gordon is exempt from this rule.
  2. Liquor is okay. But no Mind-Erasers. That’d just be cruel. Actually, are you allowed to get boozed up while recovering from a concussion? A bunch of concussions are probably caused by drinking, yeah, but what about after? Surely Nicky should be able to enjoy a cool Michelob Ultra or a refreshing Zima.
  3. Don’t even ask about the concussion. Don’t ask about progress. Don’t mention Bourque unless you’re chatting about Ray Bourque ditching Boston to win the Cup with Colorado in ’01. Wish him well, tell him you miss him, but let’s give the poor kid a night away from his troubles.
  4. Handshakes are cool. High fives = also cool. Bones/caulking it up/terrorist fist jab = always cool. But chest bumps and “playful” head butts = less so. And if you even thinking about rocking out to some Danzig with NB19, I will track you down and find hell with you.
  5. Have fun. Don’t mention how advanced possession metrics tell us how badly the team needs Nick in action. Don’t bring up how Nicky has a lock on the team scoring lead despite not playing a game since the mid-80’s. Don’t even mention the name Neil Greenberg. Just have a good time and give a way all your money.

Please add amendments to the code of conduct in the comments.

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  • Mcrere_va

    totally agree with #3  –they’re all good but really think the 3rd one is good =)
    as always RMNB, you rock!!

  • Minimal celebrations if you happen to win at the blackjack table. The last thing Nicky needs is another flying elbow to the head.

  • Make sure they card Chris Gordon!

  • Do they still make Zima??? lol

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