Photos: Third Annual Caps Care Casino Night

Papa Ovi and GMGM pose for what can only be described as the greatest photo ever.

The Caps hosted their annual Casino Night Friday evening, raising just under $300,000 for Washington Capitals Charities and providing a fun personal experience for fans that got to sit down and smoke their favorite players at blackjack for one night. (See! They’re human! Even Ovechkin!)

All of the Caps were in attendance, even Dmitry Orlov with a taped-up nose, and Joe B. emceed for the night, though it’s possible his most important contribution was wearing these shoes. Brooks Laich broke the collective hearts of the metro area when he showed up with a date, but as far as we know nobody tried to get Nicklas Backstrom to headbang, so we’re declaring this year’s Casino Night a success.

I was there, and shot it all, so check out the photos after the jump!

Photos of Caps Casino Night

The various silent auction items are set out. Ian tried to get me to get bid 43,526.65 for the Harper jersey.

Joe B. doing his thing. Or saying hi to his mom. Can’t remember.

And our fearless play-by-play man did all in these rather interesting shoes.

Sasha is confused by the handsome Canadian man.

Mathieu Perreault — who may or may not have almost walked into the women’s bathroom at one point — arrives.

I think there’s a problem with his nose.

Karl Alzner did something. And was happy about it!

Troy Brouwer and Jeff Schultz lose money.

Russians talking about whatever it is Russians talk about.


They must be talking about Vokoun last night.

Jason Chimera effing loves gambling!

Smiling Swede #1.

Smiling Swede #2

“I win little people’s money! Is great!”

He really should cut his hair.

Happy times.

Ovi’s dad tries to give him more him more chips, something is said in Russian, Ovi’s dad walks away. Scene.

I’m running out of things to say. Perhaps I shouldn’t have taken 6,000 pictures of Ovi?

See above.

Karl Alzner doing something again.

You just got lost in his eyes too, right?

Matty P., Wides, Neuvy and MoJo are auctioned off — hopefully for a few centers.

Dennis, the microphone is Joe’s thing.

This guy bid a lot of money and won, clearly to make up for that awful sweater.

Matt Hendricks gave Joe B. an unasked for boost.

Are Karl Alzner and John Carlson ever apart? (No, obviously.)

Joe B.’s plotting his revenge.


Ovi pitches a Segway tour with the Caps — by telling everyone to bid on the skating lessons.

Or Subway sandwiches, as Mike Knuble heard it.


  • Gpainter

    thanks for the coverage as always!

  • Anonymous

    I really wanted to be there, but couldn’t.  Your photos really helped make up for that, and it is good to see the guys having fun.  Let’s finish the season strong.

  • Washcapsrock

    Great pictures as always!

  • Slapbetcomish

    Great pics, Chris. Love the captions! (the sweater one made me snort).

  • Jenna

    The last person who said Matty P should  cut his hair ended up in Anaheim.  Just sayin. 

  • Dessertlady

    Thanks for sharing! I know the guy in the awful sweater, nice guy; and, he does own some nice clothes;)

  • Paula Radecki

    Don’t you dare let Matty P cut his hair.

  • Ann

    Thanks for the pics!  And no haircut for Matty!

  • We never mind 6000 pics of Ovi!  Great photos, as always!

  • Capnbones

    I can’t believe the dealers did wear red bowties … Okay maybe I’m a little bitter about not dealing the event. 

  • Shoquan1

    The rest of Feburary can pull off a string of wins we need for the playoffs. Now with games on the orad and the Caps’ horrenous road record, it’s gonna be a challenge, but it’s gonna be fun for the players. Time to regroup, and that starts in NYC.

  • Alziamoci

    perhaps the incriminating photo or dima should be removed.

  • Guest

    Great pics!  Was with friends playing poker with Ovi at the end of the night, and he was pretty proud he had too many chips for the dealer to cash him out.  Big pimpin.

  • Jj

     Ovechkin is a straight jerk, I asked him to come meet my grandpa and he wouldnt whgat a jerk

  • Rq

     Just want to reiterate, you people really need to get off of Ovi’s ass, he really is a jerk in real life

  • Jutd

     You hear that Ovi, you dumb Russian immigrant,m you are nothing without our American dollars, so you owe us everything

  • Peter

    Alright, let’s dial it back a notch.

  • Erin

    Agreed, he may not be the most social guy but he is a damm good hockey player, besides that he really is a jerk!!!!!!

  • Brooks

     Screw you peter, I want a refund for this pathetic event, I paid over $400 and Ovi was to busy to sign my jersey he said

  • Peter

    I get that you’re angry, but we gotta keep these comments civil so that everyone feels welcome.

    Hook us up with your jersey and we’ll get it signed for you somehow.

  • Junior

    This event was disappointing.  Mike Green was so rude to me my friend didn’t want to ask him for a picture.  I’d rather they not attend. I will not go back.

  • Brooks

     Who is us? We will get it signed? Are you with the organization? I really have lost interested for Ovi

  • Peter

    I’m the main writer here on RMNB. We’re not even a little bit affiliated with the Caps.

  • BoostChicken

    Is Dima of legal age?  Where is the law when you need them?

  • Dodagarenik

    Awesome post.

    Can’t you guys do a post about how freakin funny Mr Kuznetsov is? I mean… look at him… here is he bombing an interview

  • Dan

    Green is a huge D-bag, he didn’t even look at my kid at the caps convention when he was giving his autograph.

  • Mageejosteve

    it’s funny a munchkin like Joe B got the red shoes from the witch and not Dorothy

  • Dodagarenik,

    Hilarious. Thanks for forwarding over!

  • Sonja

    Matty won’t cut his hair! He said he’s cut his hair twice while playing hockey, & he’s played the worst those two times! Sorry! 

  • Junior

    I agree.  He was rude to everyone. I talked to so many people and they all had the same response. “I’m over him. I’m selling that jersey.”  He wouldn’t look at me or even say hi when I asked for a picture.  He just stood there looking as if he would have rather been drinking bleach. I will say, Mike Knuble, Troy Brouwer and Joel Ward were so genuinly nice and approachable it made up for Ovi and Green being too cool for school.  I’m really sorry for your son, honestly.  It’s rough to get treated like that by someone you formerly admired. 

  • Happy Enough

    Yeah well, they’re not hired for their personalities.  I had a good time but then I didn’t ask any of the players for anything.  

  • Junior

    I was unaware that it’s inappropriate to ask for a photo at a charity even I paid almost 300 dollars to attend. I think it’s ridiculous to act that way to your fans who have continued to support you. 

  • Simon2002

    Considering Ovechkin’s declining quality of play over the last two years, I’m amazed that he still seemingly feels entitled to act, as described below, like a “jerk” at official Caps events.  More humility would seem appropriate.

  • Happy Enough

    I didn’t say it was inappropriate to ask, I just said I didn’t ask.  Like I said, they weren’t hired for their personalities.

  • Debbie

    Ovi is way too full of himself, was there last year and Semin and Boyd Gordon, Ovi, Carlson, Green were not friendly and acted like they hated being there at the VIP event before the Casino Night…they should get their egos in check

  • Matorresmd1

    Omg is he ever..that’s why I did not go again this year..Green was a total A Hole…His a princess isn’t he…This event is such a disapointment for all the money the fans spend.

  • Pattyo

     Being good to your fans is part of being captain….. Green and Ovi? Stop hanging out with the D-Bags on Jersey Shore; their Douchebaggery is contagious!

  • Anonymous

    I was there and feel really odd asking someone 10 years my junior for an autograph.  Why all the hate from these posters.  It was a charity event.  Feel good about participating.  I have figured out how to have fun each of the three year’s i have attended.

  • Sheena

    I also attended the event and had great time. I was able to get a new pictures with some people and all the players autographs. Green did seem annoyed, but I think it’s because every time he left the ballroom he was ambushed by people. He was very nice to me and even smiled a little in our picture. Overall, I has a great time. People need to remember that hockey players are people too.

  • HockeyMom

    Ovi just signed autographs for my kids last week.  Super nice to them, not a jerk at all.  I’m just saying…

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  • Spruha

    Captions were hilarious, as usual.  Love living vicariously through you guys sometimes!!