Video: Alex Semin Dives Face-First to Block a Shot

Alex Semin

Six minutes and twenty seconds into the Capitals nationally televised game against New York, the Rangers entered Washington’s zone with what looked to be a 2-on-1 break. That is until Alexander Semin busted his butt to get back. Sasha Minor, who normally shies away from blocking shots or any type of physicality for that matter, then dove face-first in front of a Brian Boyle slapshot and turned it away with his left wrist.

Video of the play is below the jump.

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Rangers beat Caps 3-2, Alex Ovechkin MIA

Photo credit: Scott Levy

Sunday afternoon’s date between the Washington Capitals and New York Rangers was a mixed bag. There were some tasty kibbles of Good Sasha and Chimdog, but also some rancid defensive morsels  in there as well. And not nearly enough Ovi snacks, which is supposed to be the best part.

Ryan Callahan stopped the puck with his skate and scored while Neuvy was out of the  paint. In the second period, Jason Chimera dropped a pass to Alex Semin, who slapped home the tying goal. Ryan McDonagh put the Rangers up and then promptly injured himself on a bad patch of ice (he came back a few shifts later). Brandon Prust got a 2-on-1 breakaway and scored the shorthanded dagger. John Carlson took a slapper that bobbled under Henrik’s five hole. The Caps valiantly attempted the comeback but ran out of time. Rangers beat Caps 3-2. Continue Reading

New York Rangers Pregame: Smell You Later

Doug Johnson is a Puck Buddy. This is his pregamer. This is teh twitterz.

The Pregame: Fun! Today’s installment of “Places That Smell” has us visiting the big macher of smells, New York City! Boo-yah!

This is fun because it’s true. The entire place is one massive reek… or, more accurately, hundreds of smaller little reeks. Did you know, for instance, that the five boroughs of New York City were formed not for political reasons, but as a way of keeping one smelly New Yorker from having to endure his pungent neighbors? The subway pretty much put an end to that, and now the whole place stinks like the laundry room in a European hostel. Anyone who’s been in either knows this to be gospel truth.

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