Video: Alex Semin Dives Face-First to Block a Shot

Alex Semin

Six minutes and twenty seconds into the Capitals nationally televised game against New York, the Rangers entered Washington’s zone with what looked to be a 2-on-1 break. That is until Alexander Semin busted his butt to get back. Sasha Minor, who normally shies away from blocking shots or any type of physicality for that matter, then dove face-first in front of a Brian Boyle slapshot and turned it away with his left wrist.

Video of the play is below the jump.

Video courtesy of VazorProduction.

Listen to the shock in Mike Emrick’s voice: “A diving block by Semin!”

Later in the second period, Semin added a goal, his 15th of the season. Since Dale Hunter has taken over as Head Coach of the Capitals, Semin has seen his production increase and his bad-sashaness decrease. In 30 games under Hunter, Semin has taken only 7 penalties (4 in December, 2 in January, 1 in February) and registered 23 points, nearly a point per game pace. In 21 games with Bruce Boudreau, Semin was whistled to the box 16 times and had only 10 points. So while the team’s puck possession and goal scoring is down under Hunter, at least one of the team’s stars has seen his play improve mightily.

Maybe Sasha likes Dale Hunter. Maybe Sasha wants to be re-signed another year. Or maybe, Sasha just wants to say he’s sorry.

Video via the Caps blog Poke Czech.

  • Yv

    Semin’s 15 goal.

  • Whoops! You’re right, Yv. Fixed.

  • Yv

    Poor Sasha, everybody trying to take a piece from him 🙂

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  • Mcrere_va

    Sasha Cares!!   =)

  • Michael01a

    that’s Dale’s work.
    Sasha needs exactly this – bad-sob drilling sergeant with great reputation
    He needs push-motivation (and Arnott showed it a bit)
    Ovi’s pull-motivation simply doesn’t work with Sasha and BB had not enough authority for push-motivation.


  • Hale

    I think Hunter being introverted like Semin helps in this regard.  I also get the sense that Hunter has put some other expectations on Semin in a clear way.  I’ve also been missing Arnott. I know he had his limitations, but he’s been doing pretty well with the Blues, even though I guess he’s injured right now. I liked how he worked with Ovi and Sasha, talked to them a lot, it seemed.

  • Chris

    he fell

  • Savanna

    That Sasha-sorry video is so ridic.  Thanks for bring a girl a laugh at the office.


    TRADE HIM!  ::full effect snark::

  • Johnny

    Love the Sasha sorry video lol

  • right because it’s before the trade deadline.