At the end of the second period, Mike Knuble shocked absolutely no one by doing what Mike Knuble does best — crashing the net, standing in the paint, and scoring a dirty goal, his first since December 5th.

Except, apparently, referee Eric Furlatt, who promptly waved it off. Injustice. We demand a goal review. We demand this be taken all the way to the Supreme Court. It wasn’t quite Game 7 of the Montreal series, but it must have stung for Knuble, who is on a 27-game scoreless streak and seemed hell-bent on making a difference in his first game back after three consecutive scratches.

Knuble ended the night with 3 hits, 2 shots on goal, and one assist in 17:07 of ice time, and he also briefly returned to the first line during the third period. A pretty good game overall, but this one is still going to haunt him.

Good goal, no? Perhaps the most good goal to ever be scored? You guys tell us:

According to the NHL Rulebook:

If an attacking player establishes a significant position within the goal crease, so as to obstruct the goalkeeper’s vision and impair his ability to defend his goal, and a goal is scored, the goal will be disallowed.

It seems as if this is what Furlatt may have been calling.

“It’s almost not shocking when it’s waved off,” Knuble told Washington Times’ Stephen Whyno. “In that respect, it’s how it’s going.”

What do you guys think?

Additional reporting by Ian Oland.

  • I think it’s getting more and more difficult to believe in the objectivity of the reffing … since that same goal was NOT waived off in another NHL game I watched recently and if I had a better memory, I’d be more specific.  But it was in the last week.

  • Eddie

    Rabble! Rabble! Rabble! Rabble! Angry!

  • Mike Reppenhagen

    What baffles me is that the idea is they usually wave the goal off is enough of the setback  to not call the penalty. That’s just kind of heartless and doesn’t make a lot of sense, regardless of how good the goal was or was not (it was a beautiful Knuble goal in my book). I just don’t see how that was enough contact to send Mikey to the box. 

  • JonoftheDead

    I’ve never seen a replay of the MTL Game 7 goal since it happened. It still hurts too much…

  • 8Sasha28

    I couldn’t agree more with you.  It’s bad enough to have the goal waved off, but then to get a penalty too?  I know I’ve seen a lot of goals like this over the course of the season and the majority of them have counted with no penalties.  Poor Knuble.  =(  If anyone has a time machine, please go back and make this right.

  • steaks

    John Tortorella and I share a similar view of the NHL refs

  • brian!

    Ugh, I scrolled down here to post the same thing.  That was right up there with the last goal scored in the Caps/Flyers postseason series.  I’ll never be able to get these out of my head now.

  • Mcrere_va

    is it just me or do have more goalie interference calls than anyone else and it seems like 9 times out of 10 it’s BS–Knuble was robbed!!!!

  • Colkel97

    I gotta say, for those of us fighting as hard as we can to not believe that the Refs are going after the Capitals like no other team in the league……….. this one is tough to swallow. From every angle I have seen this one, it is a good goal, it is within the rules, Knuble worked hard for it, and it should have counted. I will also say, had they not won the game, thanks to the implosion of Los Panteros, and also likely because of the elimination of one of the officials by an errant puck, this would have been much more raging of a post. The officials in this league have reached an all new level of incompetence in this season. Something CLEARLY needs to be done, but I have no faith in the league that it will.

  • Jfbuks

    bad call ref, that goalie could see the puck

  • K4

    This was the Knuble I’ve been waiting to see. When he played with the Flyers he seemed to have  a chip on his shoulder.  The chip fell of at some point because he disappeared later.  I hope angry Knubes is here to stay.

  • Bob

    Read the rule.  Knuble was in the crease blocking the goalie’s view and wasn’t pushed in.  It was incidental contact even if the penalty was a bit much.

  • Maybe that’s why Knuble amazingly wasn’t called for a penalty when the player (Weaver?) went down in front of the net and Knuble’s stick accidentally hit him in the face? Accident, yes, but the way things seem to go for the Capitals any more (and Knuble especially), I’m surprised that Ovechkin’s goal was allowed instead of there being an “intent to blow” and a 4 minute double minor on Knuble. 

  • Taz

    Utter and complete BS.  In fact, if it were any more BS, it would bypass the compost stage and appear as an over-ripe tomato to throw at the ref.  If this rule were consistently applied, I’d have no problem with this call, but it’s not.  Ergo, an over-ripe tomato.  But fabulous to see Knubes out there being allowed to do his thing.  It just felt so right to see him out there on the top line, however brief.

  • It was not a penalty because it was not a HIGH stick. if player goes down, you can ACCIDENTALLY hit them in the face with the stick.