Carolina Hurricanes Pregame: The Etymology of “Berth”

The Puck Buddys have the night off to pamper their new greyhound puppy. So instead, here’s me!

The Washington Capitals are running out of time to earn a playoff berth. Berth is a weird word. It just means anchor, but it sounds a lot more… obstetrical. Like once you clench a berth, you are supposed to take a hot shower and replace electrolytes.

Stuff is looking dire for the Caps, but here’s a spot of good news: they get to play the Carolina Hurricanes on Monday! With a 22-26-11 record, the ‘Canes are the worst team in the eastern conference and the closest thing our team will have to a sure thing from here until April.

  • The Canes have earned 11 pity points for overtime losses this season. They will have to share their participation trophy with the Kings and the Panthers, also at 11.
  • They won’t be in Raleigh, but those Florida Panthers will be the team to look out for during this game. Thanks to Boose Boudreau and his Ducks giving Florida a 2-0 beatdown on Sunday, the Caps can claim first in the division with a win on Monday. The Panthers won’t play again til Thursday.
  • The Canes lead the league in an obscure statistic that only we track: number of players with names that could be minor characters in the Star Wars Extended Universe. Jussi Jokinen (diplomat from Dantooine, 8G 23A) + Tuomo Ruutu (Mandalorian vibroblade expert, 17G 13A) + Drayson Bowman (spice smuggler with heart of gold, garbage stats).
  • At their last meeting, the Capitals were shut out 3-0 due to the hot hand of Mister Cam Ward.
  • Also on a hot streak is Nick Backstrom, who secured a 48-save shutout and dammit I just realized that’s the other Backstrom.

But the Hurricanes really are awful:

Stat Rank
Wins 28th
Goals against 28th
Power play 22nd
Penalty kill 28th

Our Caps reaaaally need this win. It’s like the rest of the league is deliberately tanking it to give our guys a chance, and you know the schedule only gets harder from here on out. We’ve got one more date with the Canes (March 6), but pretty much every other game is against scary good teams.

Puck drops at 7:30 on NBC Sports.

Crash the net.

  • Captain Shepard

    It won’t be first in the division if we win tomorrow…  Our points percentage will be 1.10 points per game (65 points in 59 games), while the Panthers currently would best that with their 1.12 points per game (65 points in 58 games, and I believe the current NHL standings is up to date with the proper number of games played for the Panthers, including their loss today).

  • Peter

    Thanks for the correction, Cap!

  • McHopeless

    Anyone else hate everything about the NBC broadcasts, including, but not limited to, their “omg-so-awesome!” camera angles?  Forget the “we love anyone but the CAPS” commentary. i just can’t respect any sports broadcaster who touts Bob Costas as their #1 man… chris collinsworth is a very, VERY close second btw…

    ..scoar more goals.. go CAPS.

  • McHopeless

    but at least we’ll leapfrog Toronto into 8th! BAM!

  • pucker up

    Well, no, actually. I didn’t pay attention to the mindless nattering.I just enjoyed the multiple games for the novelty of Hockey in the USA all bloody day.I hope it catches on!

  • CapsExiled

    Upcoming games:

    These games should be a walk in the park… They better be.

    Ovie 45 pts really. He needs to hit the closest gym, cross fit, weight watcher for all I care! If I were paying him $9.5 I’d make sure he’s on top of it. Girlfriend Kirilenko is in better shape!

  • Peter

    I hope so, buuuuuuuuuut….

    After that it’s Devils, Flyers, Bruins… and then Red Wings, Hawks (maybe easy!), and Flyers again.Plus, Caps haven’t beaten NYI this year.

  • Mike Reppenhagen

    One fan to another, I’m really sick of this bashing on NBC Sports for their “Caps Bashing”. When you’re playing like crap, the announcers aren’t going to be able to find a ton of great things to say about you. We haven’t been a mediocre team in a while, but it disappoints me to see people already forgetting how you’re treated when you’re not playing top 10 hockey. 

  • Peter

    I’m not with you on this.

    My objection is three-fold: 1) NBC Sports doesn’t talk about the Capitals much; b) when they do, it’s the same old Ovi yarn; iii) their web presence really is steady stream of trolling Caps fans

  • Mike Reppenhagen

    I haven’t followed that web presence much, admittedly. I’ll listen closely tonight but Ovi’s stats are pretty disappointing and he’s a polarizing player, and when you’re the tenth team in your conference weaker conference and are losing games like we are, you probably shouldn’t get many headlines. 

  • Road worrier

    Don’t look now, it’s 4-0 Canes late in the 2nd and the Caps look like a middling ECHL team. So much for the 28th ranked penalty kill – Canes got a shorty.

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