Video: Caps Fans Mourn for the Good Times

Ted Leonsis called the Capitals’ 5-0 loss to the Hurricanes on Monday the “worst game of the season” and “unacceptable.” It’s hard to disagree; we’re bummed too.

And judging by their YouTube contributions of late, the general Caps fanbase is just as forlorn. Gone are the days of the raucous pump-up videos, brimming with glove-kissing Ovi goals and soundtracked by some awful nu-metal bands that you hear at the gym. Instead, we’ve got these solemn remembrances of happier days gone by— as if Washington’s ability to scoar moar goals died in a drunk-driving accident and this is the public-service announcement.

Greendayghostgirl‘s work is one such video. “Amazing Grace” plays throughout, contrasting sharply with the joy of the images. It ends on a hopeful if heart-heavy note: Believe. Which is just another way of saying Crash the net.

S/T to @GoodSasha28.

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  • preston

    unfortunately backstrom is plastered all over this video. and tonight he’ll be plastered on a couch instead

  • *sigh     i miss Gabby……      how ironic would it be if Anaheim made the playoffs and actually went somewhere while Caps dont even finish in top 8?  ugh      

    no offense to Hunter….but Boudreau was NOT the problem…now that everyone realizes that…its toooooooo late to do anything about it.


  • Peter

    Not ironic, just a bummer.

  • Dark Stranger

    The songs that have been running in my head for this season have been “Those Were The Days My Friend” and “The Way We Were”.  The former song, which starts off “Those were the Days my Friend, I thought they’d never end…” was actually based on an old Russian melody.  The song makes me think of better times for Ovi and Sasha.   When I think of the latter song, highlight reels involving Ovi & Backstrom start playing in my head.  At the time, Barbra Streisand sang that song, she was dating Kris Kristofferson (or was that relationship soon after).  But Kristofferson makes me think of Nicky’s brother, Kristoffer, and hence the song. (Guess Kristofferson must be of Swedish heritage somehow.)  

  • Dark Stranger

    I nearly started crying when I heard that video you posted.

  • Angry

    Yes, thank you GMGM for endlessly tinkering with this team, and screwing
    it royally by dumping of Gordo, Fleichman, Steckel, and Varly (maybe Brads, too). Bringing in Vokoun really screwed with the goalies heads and the capstone was firing Bruce Boudreau and replacing with Neanderthal Dale “Send me back to Juniors” Hunter. I’m so mad I’m starting to root for the opposition in hopes Ted will unceremoniously DUMP GMGM. 14 years in the drivers seat, coming oh so close; now looking like a no-show for this year’s playoffs. That is a FAILING record, Ted!! Too bad we can’t get David Poile back (he just signed for another 3yrs with Nashville). Go Sens!!

  • Peter

    But how do you REALLY feel?