Trade: Jeff Carter to LA

We hear LA is looking for shots. Too bad they didn’t specify which kind!

According to TSN’s Bob McKenzie , Jeff Carter has been traded to the LA Kings for Jack Johnson and a first-round pick. Puzzlingly, stellar backup Jonathan Bernier was not a part of this deal, even though he was reportedly offered, and Columbus’s goalie situation remains in question.

LA will be taking on Carter’s $5,272,727 cap hit approximately until the sun burns out, and will be looking for Carter to jumpstart their struggling offense. CBJ will be getting folk rock singer defenseman Jack Johnson in return at a cap hit of $4,357,143, which presumably is the kind of young D they were looking for to rebuild their blueline for the future.

This trade will also reunite the walking Axe Body Spray commercial that is Jeff Carter and his longtime teammate Mike Richards, which apparently seemed like a good idea to someone today. Look for widespread shortages in Ed Hardy products to sweep through the LA area.

  • Great photo selection, Ana. 

  • Jjljj

    as for the reactions of fans:

    about half of the la fans are ready to murder dean lombardi and believe that jeff carter = dustin penner 2.0

    the other half is grudgingly giving lombardi the benefit of the doubt and are much more optimistic about the jeff carter/mike richards reunion

    nearly all of the la fans are sad to see jj go though (he was apparently negotiating hhis contract or something? i am not sure)

    meanwhile, i have seen the reaction of one blue jackets fan and that is not very positive

    on the other hand, some of the flyers fans are sitting and laughing their heads off

    a few caps fans wanted carter, they are obviously not happy

    apparently dustin brown is on the trading block?

    this has been your fan reactions comment for the day.

  • Peter

    Isn’t the cap on the bottle though?

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