Update 1:50pm: Traktor’s website says Kuznetsov should only miss a week’s worth of time and will be ready to play in the KHL’s Gagarin Cup playoffs on March 1st.

In the final minutes of Traktor’s 2-1 win over Spartak, Caps prospect Evgeny Kuznetsov was checked by defender Andre Benoit near the corner boards. According to Soviet Sport’s Pavel Lysenkov, Kuznetsov was badly injured on the play. He “fell down, was yelling, slamming hands against the ice, and was in terrible pain.”

The 19-year-old KHL superstar was then stretchered off and taken to a hospital for a MRI.

After the game, Traktor coach Valeri Belousov told the media that Kuznetsov may be done for the year.

Video of the hit that caused Kuzya’s injury can be seen below the jump.

According to his Russian agent, Kuznetsov has only a bruise and will be out three weeks. We should note that Kuznetsov’s agent is not a medical professional and has an obvious financial interest in pending contract negotiations for his client.

An accurate MRI may have to wait a few days, and swelling may complicate matters.

The Washington Times’ Stephen Whyno also reports that Kuznetsov’s North American agent, Jay Grossman, has no details on the extent of the injury yet. “Obviously, looked like a flagrant hit on knee,” Grossman wrote to Whyno. “In lots of pain.”

We’ll continue to update this post as we find out more.

Additional reporting by Fedor Fedin.

  • Anonymous

    Perfect. Now Columbus probably won’t want these damaged goods.

  • Bigdavid

    Town is cursed…

  • Kadehaven

    The coach looks like a Russian Craig Berube.

  • Rjmend

    When it rains it pours.

  • guest

    that looks like some serious pain. three weeks my butt

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  • Tiago Cardoso

    If the Washington Capitals really wants Evgeny Kuznetsov, 
    will have to pay lots of money! Very much!

    A lifetime deal!

    He is a reality with 19 years old!

    A phenomenon that dignifies the Soviet Russian Hockey History!

    Alexander Radulov, 
    Evgeny Kuznetsov and
    Vladimir Tarasenko 
    are the biggest stars in the KHL!

    They represent the KHL for the world:
    “almost non-negotiable” players!

    The powerful KHL president Alexander Medvedev 
    will make the impossible to keep them in Russia!

    The development of the KHL is astonishing, stunning!

    If anyone doubts, watch the KHL Gagarin Cup Playoffs 2012!

    You’ll be surprised!

  • Guest

    It’s Valeri Belousov

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