NHL Trade Deadline Open Thread: The Caps Did What?

Who knows what thoughts lurk behind those steely, impassive eyes… (Photo credit: Nick Wass)

This weekend has been quiet. Too quiet. Trade deadline is 3 PM today, so expect a great deal to go down before then. Here’s where you can come to get the all updates relevant to the Caps! Buckle up, folks, because here we go.

This post will be updated throughout the day. Freak out, stress, and speculate wildly in the comments below!

If you submitted a guess for the Trade Deadline Pick ‘Em contest, stay tuned! Whoever guesses closest to the time of the first Caps move will win some cool stuff.


Whew! Thrill meter right off the charts. It’s 3:00 PM but remember that trades only have to be submitted by 3:00, not reported! Now, we wait.


And that’s all she wrote, folks. Not quite what we expected, but thanks for hanging with us anyway. Look for more coverage later on the fallout from the Tradeless Deadline Day!

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  • Ana

    Looking to trade my jelly donut for a donut that isn’t gross. Would also be willing throw in a third-round pick. 

  • KS

    Jelly donuts were created just to make unsuspecting people miserable.

  • Ana

    I thought it was just a regular cream-filled donut but it surprised me with awful jelly filling. It is the Jaromir Jagr of donuts. 

  • Peter

    Ever since Ana took over my job, the blog has descended into discussion of breakfast pastries.

  • Ana

    Next feature: if the Caps were danishes, what fillings would they be?

  •  But… bear claws!

  • Peter

    Jay Bagel

  • That Asshole Fan

    I’m just waiting on a trade and ya’ll are making me hungry…NOM!

  • Maddy

    Are they seriously Trading semin?!?! 🙁

  • Maddy

    Are they trading semin?! Seriously?!?

  • Dylan

    Please don’t trade my semin away

  • Sheena Dunn

    That ESPN article is very funny. This is the article: “rom ESPN The Magazine’s Craig Custance: I’m hearing that Caps sniper Alexander Semin is as good as gone after this season, so if Caps don’t want to let him walk for nothing, they have to at least consider moving him today. Don’t think it’s likely though.”

  • Ana


  • VonKahle

    Can we trade McPhee?

  • Sheena Dunn

    I read that and was like what?? This is the most pointless article I’ve read all week.

  • brian!

    Is it purple stuff?  Purple is a fruit!

  • Ana

    It’s kind of a suspicious purplish red. Interested? And can you offer Rick Nash?

  • brian!

    Sorry, our organization is holding out for éclairs.

  • JH

    We need CENTERS.  GMGM, do you hear me?  CENTERS!  Ignore all the blather about D-men.  It’s all about CENTERS.

  • Savanna

    Can we trade those metal folding chairs down front at Verizon Center?  Tetanus waiting to happen.

  • Ana

    I really hope you guys have been able to keep up with the crazy breakneck twists and turns of this trade deadline day. This morning has been a thrill ride. 

  • Icy

    That’s ESPN “hockey coverage” for you.

  • I would doubt anything ESPN says about hockey.

  • John

    Parenteau? Plekanec? We need someone to get the puck to Ovi…also get rid of Hamrlik 

  • BZups

    I’m not even sure there are 60 top-2 centers in the league at the moment, and most of them are sitting on contenders. It will be tough for the caps to pry one away.

  • Chris Gardner

    Here we go…
    Any minute….

  • now?

  • Ana


  • Hattrickz91_pt2

    Let’s dump Vokoun, Ward, Erskine, Shultz and Hammer and bring in a Top 4 D-Man a 2 Line Center and some picks!!

  • A-town down

    espn sucks at everything but college coverage

  • McHopeless

    Nanny McPhee twiddles too many thumbs.  WTF is he doing today anyway?  Tanning?  Hamrsuck needs gone…

  • Sheena Dunn

    I’m still waiting…..

  • Yv

    The whole market was stagnant but big surprise is that GMGM have not move even any dead assets for anything, like 3d-6th picks. At-least, this would save some money for the owner and make less reasons to increase prices of tickets and concessions.  It seems that GM think that Caps are complete and ready to go for the SC. Fans prepare for parade on National Mall.

  • Krispy Knuble or Knuble Kreme.