Philadelphia Flyers Pregame: Who Got Game?

Ed. note: Here comes your Puck Buddys pregame! Check out their lovely website and delightful twitter thing.

This is a test. This website is conducting a test of the Emergency Capitals Broadcasting System. This is only a test. 

The Pregame: Crazy… you know crazy? Not like “dingo ate my baby” crazy, or “I love Dan Snyder” crazy, but like, Groundhog Day crazy? As in: not only have I seen all this before, but I recall the precise taste of last week’s warm beer and bitter defeat? And why am I tasting it again? Am I at the Mystery Spot?

You have good reason. Here we are, thinking back to Friday’s collapsing defeat on the tail of a hot performance or two (or three), wondering what went wrong, how it could have happened, and what encouragement we might have to offer. Alan May: help us!

And suddenly we’re seized with deja vu; worse, even – not that we think we’ve sorta kinda been here before, but that we’ve been exactly completely here before, several times, right down to Alan May tossing us the lifeline of straight talk, to have it fall on plugged ears.

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Photo by @cnichols14 of the District Sports Page.

We headed down to Kettler today to see how number 28 was spending his 28th birthday. We expected a low-key, downbeat practice after last night’s 5-0 loss to the Devils. That turned out not to be the case — and Alex Semin in particular seemed to be in a good mood.

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Link: Read Puck Buddys’ “The Thin Blue Line”

Hopefully you’ve noticed that RMNB engaged the Puck Buddys website in a partnership this season. Their pregamers and features have been clever and kind-spirited, and we’re honored to count them among our friends.

Over at their site, the Puck Buddys have been running The Thin Blue Line, a long-read profile of a gay player in high school. The series culminates with this weekend’s installment, which is transcendentally good and we strongly recommend you read it. They’ve got a lot of big stuff cooking too, but we’ll get to that soon enough.

Read “The Thin Blue Line”

Our website is for Everyone, and we believe hockey should be that way too. It makes us happy beyond words to align ourselves with people who not only believe the same, but actually work to make it happen. Bravo, guys.