Photo by @cnichols14 of the District Sports Page.

We headed down to Kettler today to see how number 28 was spending his 28th birthday. We expected a low-key, downbeat practice after last night’s 5-0 loss to the Devils. That turned out not to be the case — and Alex Semin in particular seemed to be in a good mood.

Towards the end of practice, assistant coach Jim Johnson gathered members of the first and second power play units and had them working on a one-timers drill. Johnson stood to one side of the ice, and the players ran through the drill on the other side. For the first few minutes, it went about as you’d imagine. Then Alex Ovechkin wound up for a big shot, missed the puck, and fell to the ice face-first.

Semin thought it was funny. Like fall-down, roll-around-on-the-ice and not-be-able-to-breathe funny.

The drill continued. After a few minutes, Semin got up off the ice and was passed the puck again by Johnson. He fumbled the attempt. Then on his second try, Troy Brouwer made the drill a bit more difficult.

Not sure Sasha liked that too much. First, Semin — doing his best Paul Bunyan — attacked Brouwer’s stick like he was chopping firewood. Then, he backhands the stick fifty feet down the ice. Not satisfied with that, Semin races Brouwer for possession of the stick. Unsuccessful, the birthday boy leaves the ice and heads back to the locker room.

Angry? Didn’t look it to me.

  • Wood3348

    Chuck Gormley= useless

  •  and mildly annoying, imo.

  • Dark Stranger

    Gormley has said enough inflammatory stuff about the Caps this year — to say the least.

  • Jjljj33

    I was there! On the opposite end of the ice though, but I saw all that and I laughed so hard 😀

  • Guest

    mildly? i wanna know who the crap allowed that guy to have a mic in front of a camera. on TV nonetheless. blogger’s aren’t supposed to talk with their mouths, only with their fingers that know exactly where the backspace button is at all times. there’s only so much stuttering a man can take!

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  • Finnegan

    What a goofball 🙂