Link: Read Puck Buddys’ “The Thin Blue Line”

Hopefully you’ve noticed that RMNB engaged the Puck Buddys website in a partnership this season. Their pregamers and features have been clever and kind-spirited, and we’re honored to count them among our friends.

Over at their site, the Puck Buddys have been running The Thin Blue Line, a long-read profile of a gay player in high school. The series culminates with this weekend’s installment, which is transcendentally good and we strongly recommend you read it. They’ve got a lot of big stuff cooking too, but we’ll get to that soon enough.

Read “The Thin Blue Line”

Our website is for Everyone, and we believe hockey should be that way too. It makes us happy beyond words to align ourselves with people who not only believe the same, but actually work to make it happen. Bravo, guys.

  • Great stuff. I have to say RMNB went +100 in my book since its partnership with Puck Buddies. Hopefully stories like this one will inspire others, not just athletes, to come out. Also, hockey can do much better than having Sean Avery as its posterchild for tolerance and acceptance. 

  • Puckbuddys

    Thanks David. Our RMNB overlords are the bestest. We nominate you to replace Avery.