Photos: Alex Semin Embraces Mike Green at Practice

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Alex Semin was clearly in a good mood at Saturday’s practice at Kettler, and for good reason — it was his birthday. He seemed determined to share the love with the rest of his teammates, especially Mike Green, as you can see in the scandalous paparazzi photos below.

Semin has always shown a bit of a disregard for his teammates’ personal space, but this was something special.


We’re looking at the official replay, and it appears that Semin did not connect in his attempts to kiss Green, so Andrew Gordon still holds the only record for teammate smooching.

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  • Charles Allen

    If you can play… You can play.

  • boutros23

    Caption for the final photo: “Seriously, Sasha, breath mint. Maybe you’ll get closer.”

  • Allie Castro

    Greenies playing hard to get(:

  • Im sure endless love was playing in the background..

  • Ceetk

    The picture you have labeled as Semin hugs Mathieu Perreault is actually Semin hugging Elliot from DC101.

  • That’s not MattyP that Semin’s hugging in the first See Also.. its Elliot from EITM.

  • Savanna

    Sasha’s making his move while Nicky’s away! 🙂  Love these boys so hard!

  • serpent

    Oh, Sasha’s just a hug bunny, that’s all. Better that than a sour grapes ego snob.

  • Max

    Ladies, gentlemen…Alex Semin…is high again.