Ian and I have made a new bet. We’re gonna share the details with you because a) it’s timely considering Knuble is a scratch again, and b) last time I didn’t pay up so this is like leverage.

The Bet: Peter bets Ian that Mike Knuble will last longer with the Caps than Dale Hunter.

The Stakes: $22 (USD) and one (1) lunch at Chick-fil-A.

The actual text of the bet is after the jump. I really think Ian is going down this time.

Thoughts? Side bets? Odds adjustments?

  • Ian’s signature looks forged.

  • Peter

    It was digitally drawn, but still legally binding.

  • Jay

    Interesting bet.  After thought I’m on Peter’s side as my guess is when the Caps miss the playoffs Hunter will resign and return to London pretty quickly.  GMGM will probably get fired too, perhaps throw him into side bets?  In any event obviously Knuble will be around until July 1 as no one will trade for his rights earlier.  And that’s enough to outlast Hunter AND McPhee IMO.

  • Dmoran83

    Bet on who replaces him. French, Crawford, Eakins or (le gasp) Wilson. Dark Horse: Jacques Martin.

  • Hey at least I have every letter in my signature, unlike P MAS over here

  • So wait, if I win this third Knuble bet withPeter, I think he owes me 2 Retro Trash Cans, $66, and a lunch at Chif-fil-A.

  • serpent

    I think you’re going to clean up there, Ian. At least, I hope so!!

  • At least go to a restaurant that isn’t homophobic.

  • brian!

    Seems like a proper side-bet would be something relating to Semin, since he’s rumored to be on the move every season.

  • Puckbuddys

    PuckBuddys want a side bet, involving Sasha. 

  • Dark Stranger

    That is a tough bet, in any case.  I figure that Knuble is gone on July 1st, either due to retirement or signing with a new team as I doubt the Caps will keep him.  He served us well during his time here but he probably doesn’t have much left in the tank.  

    If the Caps miss the playoffs, I presume that McPhee would be gone.  (Hunter’s fate will probably be tied to McPhee’s to some degree.    But will Hunter leave on his own or will the Caps keep him?

  • JH

    What about replacing Ovie with Laich as Captain.  Everything went to hell when Ovie became captain.  I’m in the tank for #8 as a player, but not as a captain.

  • Peter
  • Notarize it.