Brooks Laich’s interview following the Capitals’ 4-3 overtime loss to the Hurricanes was powerful stuff.

Laich says the Caps are allowing “easy goals” due to turnovers and missed assignments, two endemic problems that have been costing the team games. Laich’s statement gives voice and specificity to the vague cloud of frustration around the team of late.

Laich rightfully characterizes the team’s solid offense, which has been steadily improving since the beginning of February. Despite two shutouts in the last 10 days, the Capitals have a reinvigorated presence in the offensive zone. It’s in the neutral and defensive zones where Laich says situations are being “misread”, and that has made all the difference during this homestand.

Follow us past the jump for the full text of Brooks’ statement.

Brooks Laich: “I thought we skated [well]. What did we have? 47? 50 shots? I’m sick of tired of giving up easy goals. I mean, we’re giving up goals that they don’t have to work to score. It’s killing us.”

Question: You only got 1 point in two big games here…

Brooks Laich: “This time of year you can’t judge yourself by your intentions, it’s by your results. I don’t know. It’s a game we had to have. It’s tough to take right now, but we’ll move on.”

Question: You’re up 2-0, to give up one 50 seconds later… is that what you felt like killed you guys?

Brooks Laich: “I actually didn’t see the goal. I was looking at something on the bench. I couldn’t tell you how that was scored and who scored it, so I can’t comment on that, but that’s the way the league goes. When one team pushes, the other team pushes back. When we were up 2-0, we certainly didn’t think it was over. Still we were in control of the game.

Question: You talked about giving up easy goals. What are you seeing?

Brooks Laich: “Turnovers and missed assignments. Just not playing the situation. If you look at Parise’s hat trick the other night, he didn’t have to go through one check to score three goals. Their goals tonight — a breakaway goal, two-on-one — those are easy goals. If you’re going to give up goals, you wanna make them work for it and drive through guys and have to scramble to score a goal. We can’t just let them shoot pucks into open nets.”

Transcription by Ian Oland.

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  • nogoodtrying

    Everyone knows what he’s talking aboot. 

  • serpent

    Sounds like a lot of missed assignments there. If Brooks can read the errors , I’m sure the rest of the team can,too. These are problems which should not be cropping up this late in the season. They’re the sorts of things which happen in the first few games, not the last ones. No wonder he’s ticked off.

  • jgos

    These are the issues when you don’t have a system.

  • Shoquan1

    Laich should be the leader, not Ovi. I don’t know who gave Ovi the ‘C’ in the first place. Yeah, we still love Ovi, but maybe by summer the ‘C’ should be promoted to Laich. 

  • Peter

    The players gave him the C