In the calendar year of 2012, there had been only one Washington Capital regular who had gone without a penalty. That player? Dmitry Orlov.

That streak ended spectacularly tonight.

At 12:04 of the second period, Carolina’s Jeff Skinner sprinted with Orlov into the corner for a loose puck. As Dima attempted a counter check, the 193-pound Skinner gave a slewfoot to the young Russian, sending him slamming into the side boards.

Caps captain Alex Ovechkin came to his countryman’s defense, shoving Skinner as the two skated up ice. When the puck was frozen a few seconds later, Orlov started a melee and went after Skinner, but — fortunately for the young Hurricanes star — the two were separated by linesman Jean Morin.

Morin had his hand around Orlov’s neck, and Dima didn’t seem to like that too much. Angry and perhaps not understanding the linesman’s orders, Orlov shoved the linesman to get free. Dima was awarded 2 minutes for roughing and a 10-minute game misconduct for “abusing the officials.”

Skinner did not receive a penalty for his slewfoot.

So what did we learn tonight? Don’t faulk with Orlov.

Huge thanks to @KellieCowan for hooking us up with video and Fedor Fedin for the above screenshot.

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  • Peter

    Aleks, actually that word isn’t okay here either. Can you leave another comment and rephrase?

  • Anonymous

    SLEWFOOT. What an ass.

  • Guest

    What Dima did just showed his immaturity and lack of clairvoyance. His personal problems with the ref should not result in him violently pushing the guy just trying to do his job. I think Dima should be suspended indefinitely until he receives some counseling. 

  • Peter

    Noun:The supposed faculty of perceiving things or events in the future or beyond normal sensory contact.

    I think you mean “perspicacity”

  • Derek

    I will look this up, but did you mean a 10 minute or a game misconduct?  The only time I have ever seen a 10 minute game misconduct is when there is less than 10 minutes left in the period…

  • Derek

    I meant left in the game.  It was just a 10 minute not a game. At least he went big with his first penalty!

  • Sorry, Jeff Skinner is turning into another Ruutu

  • nogoodtrying

     Good job, Ricky. 

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  • John Shisler

    You’re a moron. “Personal problems with the ref”? I’m sorry, does Dima actually know that ref or have a history with him? Seriously doubtful considering he’s a rookie and this was his first penalty. Suspended indefinitely? Really? Soooo, Skinner should get what for having a history of cheap shots then? Lifetime ban?

  • John Shisler

    It was just a 10 minute misconduct. You can get a 10 minute game misconduct at anytime. They just say 10 minutes to put a time frame on it. He was only escorted to the dressing room because there were less than 10 minutes left in the period. He came back for the 3rd.

  • John Shisler

    He’s starting to get a rep for taking cheap shots on Caps players. Don’t see enough Canes games to see if he does it to other teams also.

  • Jenna

    If the guy had been “doing his job”, the slew foot would have been called and the rest wouldn’t have happened.  
    Also – “suspended indefinitely”?  “Counseling?”  For that?  Someone doesn’t understand how hockey works.

  • icecop62

    I no secrect that Russian players has a history and reputatin for being the most disrepectfull of the game officials, Alex’s “you piece of shit” comment on HBO’s 24/7 series is anouther example.

  • John Shisler

    You apparently don’t understand hockey or heat of the moment reactions. I mean, seriously? I’m sure most players have said far worse to refs. Should Chimmer be suspended for slamming the gate to the bench repeatedly the other day when he was chirping at the ref?

  • Ceetk

    Oh really? Russians disrespectful? What about Canadians? The Golden Boy…Sidney Crosby?  Watch that and see how disrespectful he was!! Seems you missed that part of the 24/7 series.

  • John Shisler

    I’m thinking that based on this guy’s screen name (icecop62), he is a wanna be ref who didn’t have thick enough skin and was sent off the ice crying but a big mean old Russian.

  • Yeah same here, but from what I saw last night, he is becoming a jerk. It’s only a matter of time till someone straightens him out.

  • @Guest – I disagree with your assessment & I believe that Jean Morin would too. Orlov lost is cool but there was a season’s worth of frustration there. The officials concerned could’ve assessed a game misconduct but they took the shove for face value….in the heat of the moment, stupid move, 10 minutes, it’s over.
    I hope that your assessment of this situation came because you watched the game in its entirety and not just a 1 minute clip. An indefinite suspension is the most absurd suggestion I’ve heard thus far. I’m thankful that folks like you only have to make decisions in the McDonald’s drive thru line.