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There’s no question that we’d rather see Nicklas Backstrom on the ice, but while the Caps’ star center recovers from concussion, we’re more than happy for any update on what he’s up to.

Backstrom has been visiting his native Sweden while he’s been sidelined with concussion symptoms, and in the continuing trend of Caps hanging out with DJs, had breakfast with Dutch house musician Tiesto.

Photo credit: @krisahlbom

This is not the first time that Backstrom has met Tiesto — Backstrom, Ovechkin, and other Caps jammed with him in 2010 at Fur Nightclub, where we learned that Alex Ovechkin cannot dance.

And the Caps’ love affair with electro music rolls on.

  • Arian


  • Peter

    Usually I’m eager to throw Ana to the wolves, but I’ve got her back here. Thanks to a dark period I call “The Early Naughts”, I feel educated enough to say that trance is at least a derivative– and possibly even a subgenre–of house.


  • Ana

    Arian is probably the only reason that I knew to call him a house musician in the first place 😐 but also I am highly interested in this dark period of yours, Peter, and I think you should engage the Caps in conversation about their music preferences. 

  • Arian

     I AM LAUGHING SO HARD. Ana is like my friend and when I’m joking I TYPE IN ALL CAPS. When I’m mad I type like a normal human being.
    Nah, trance is so separate from house, IMO. Techno is more attached to house. But lately Tiesto has been playing more house so there’s that.

  • Dave

    Oh my, can we have another hockey game please?

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  • Allie Castro

    what do you mean he cant dance?