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Six months ago yesterday, a plane carrying the KHL team Lokomotiv Yaroslavl crashed near the Russian city of Yaroslavl, killing 44 passengers and crew, leaving flight engineer Alexander Sizov as its sole survivor.

The worst disaster in hockey history, the Lokomotiv crash became a solemn end to the summer that had already taken the lives of Derek Boogard, Wade Belak, and Rick Rypien. Questions were raised as to how it had happened and what could be done to prevent such tragedies in the future. Bernard Goldberg of HBO’s Real Sports uncovers some sobering answers.

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  • serpent

    We can never forget.

  • Dawn

    That terrible tragedy never goes far from my mind. My heart will always be with their families because that is a hellacious thing to go through.

  • Dmr003

    Watched this on HBO on Demand last night. It’s heart-wrenching. I don’t usually like Bernard Goldberg’s work, but this piece is excellent. Well crafted, and ties together the details and oversights of the crash to the emotions of those in Russia and the hockey world. However, I wish he would have mentioned Alexander Galimov’s initial survival and his heroic five-day battle after the crash…

  • Joanne

    Look down at my Lokomotiv bracelet everyday. It’s still hard to believe something like this even happened. Forever remember. RIP boys.

  • Wood3348

    Here’s my question…..if the Caps are banking on Kuznetsov coming to the states next year, I would have my team doctors over in Russian looking at these leg injury if these doctors in Russian do questionable things like use pain killers to cope with pain and injuries. Pretty sad they want to attract really good talent by paying them big bucks but short them on travel.   

  • Peter

    I think an in-depth physical is part of the contract process.

  • Anonymous

    What good is a physical, when the damage is already done?

  • Peter

    Informs the organization about the injury before they sign a contract.

  • Mcrere_va

    so sad on so many levels

  • Anonymous

    I know that but it is in the organizations best interest to take care of it now with treatment so that they can sign a good contract