Photo credit: Greg Fiume

In the second period of the Caps home game against Tampa, Lightning forward Brett Connolly got hit with an ugly one-two play when he was tied up in the corner by Dmitry Orlov, and Mike Green came in hard and hit him high, making contact to Connolly’s head with his forearm. Video is below the jump.

Mobile-friendly video here.

There was no penalty on the play, but it’s expected that Mike Green may get some attention from Brendan Shanahan. The Capitals have already been without Green for 47 games in the 2011-12 season.

  • ErickPf

    Connolly was falling over already when Green came in…hunched over…no suspension.

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  • Jim

    LOL.  I got an ad for a lawyer before the video.  Perhaps Green can call him and have him argue his case to Shanny.

  • Chase

    I think it will be a suspension of 6 games as the NHL does with the Caps in their bs officiating of them, rub it in their face that they only suspended Bourqe 5 even with him being suspended a week earlier. 

    I think its quite clear from the one angle, the main contact was the shoulder and any sort of contact with the head was very little and Connolly is terrible actor, looked like he got knocked out, but was fine when the linesman and referee separated(meaning the linesman weren’t gonna call a major).  Funny thing is the above got me an infraction on HFBoards, apparently you aren’t allowed to call pathetic dives, pathetic dives.

  • Negative Nancy

    Not to disagree here, but Bourque only got a 3 game suspension for the Backstrom hit.

  • Negative Nancy’s #fancystats

    And I take that back. Damn you Bourque for the hit to my head!  Can’t think straight.

  • CWI

    Tough to say what the NHL will think of this hit… Green’s elbow didn’t come up but the head was the principle point of contact. On the other hand, that was only because Connolly was in a vulnerable position. But then again, that was because Orlov was already making contact with him and Connolly was a bit hunched over.

    IMO, either Green gets nothing or a multi-game suspension. I think there’s a pretty good chance he doesn’t get punished for it, especially since he has no history of supplementary discipline, but it was a hit to the head and Connolly was shaken up at the very least.

  • CWI

    I don’t know how you possibly think this was a dive. That’s beyond ridiculous. It’s fine to be a bit biased but try not to be a homer to the point that you just sound idiotic.

  • Chase

    Because usually people that just made it look like they got knocked out, don’t get up and skate fine off the ice because the linesman and referees aren’t going to call a major.

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  • Mcrere_va

    how does it NOT warrant a penalty but does warrant a suspension?? makes no sense