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In the second period of Thursday’s home game against the Tampa Bay Lightning, Mike Green hit Brett Connolly hard while he was pinned along the boards by Dmitry Orlov. Connolly was already starting to fall, but the principal point of contact was the head. NHL VP of Player Safety Brendan Shanahan has suspended him for three games for this hit.

You can watch Shanahan’s suspension video below the jump. Then, if you’re still mad, watch this.

Mike Green is not technically considered a repeat offender by the standards of the CBA, since it has been more than 18 months since his last supplementary discipline, but his three-game suspension for elbowing Michael Frolik in 2010 factored into Shanahan’s decision, just as it did with Ovechkin’s suspension earlier in the year.

Green has already missed 47 games with injury this season, and this suspension will round his total out to an exact 50 games missed. He also missed 33 games in the 2010-11 season with various injuries, meaning that he has played in only 69 of the team’s last 147 games.

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  • John W.

    the only think keeping me from getting pissed about this suspension is the amazing deer sweater in the background of the first picture. That right there is a thing of beauty.

  • Dessertlady

    What irks me is that nobody, NOBODY, but my friend and I seemed to see a TB player actuall jump into a hit in the Tampa zone several minutes later in the same period. I didn’t get it recorded, but we did back up the broadcast to watch it twice. Yep, both skates off the ice as he checked a Caps player into the boards. Same kind of hit that OVI got suspeneded for, but apparently nobody has seen it (or mentioned it).

  • Hm, I remember Green being suspended for elbowing, but can’t remember when he “was fined for similar accident”. Link, anybody?

  • serpent

    Ok, I can see a fine here but the suspension is crap.Good thing the Caps are already used to playing without Green.

  • serpent

    I wonder about that,too. Must have been quite a while ago

  • So there is no clean slate after 18 months??  So why even have the 18 month “repeat offender” standard??  This baffles me…..

  • Dark Stranger

    I’ve been wondering about that myself.  Seems that the 18 month limit doesn’t seem to apply at all — at least not for suspendable offenses.

  • Guest

    It blows, but honestly I would say that that was a pretty good call against Mike.  If he hadn’t led so hard with his elbow it would have been a clean play. 

    Ever since Backstom my opinion about suspensions and concussions has completely changed, shit aint cool

  • Mcrere_va

    why does the NHL hate the Caps? seems like we get suspensions, penalties and fines for the same things every other team does but seems like the other teams aren’t held accountable–I hate sounding whiny but I really feel there is a pattern.

    seriously, 3 game suspension? Maybe 1 but 3 is f-ing ridiculous!!

  • Peter

    I think it’s a fair punishment, and I’m scary in the tank for Greenie.

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