Video: Tomas Vokoun’s Huge Pad Save on Tyler Seguin

Tyler Seguin’s going to be seeing Tomas Vokoun in his nightmares.

He certainly wasn’t the only Bruin to have a sure thing stolen by the Capitals goaltender this afternoon in their 4-3 win against the Bruins, but he was victimized by Vokoun on two quality chances today, the best of which was when the Czech netminder went to the splits and denied a perfectly-placed Seguin shot with his left pad.

Follow us past the jump to watch Vokoun’s flashy game-saver.

Mobile-friendly video here.

After freezing the puck with his gloved hand, Vokoun gave it a sassy little flip to return it to the ice, which we can only interpret in one of two ways: Nice try, kid. I’m awesome, or Wow, Caps, you really weren’t going to cover him there? Thanks for NOTHING.

The netminder had a pretty expressive night all the way across the board. After the Caps failed to cover him on a last-minute goal at the end of the second period, Vokoun flopped dramatically onto the ice and lay there for a few moments, clearly considering whether he wanted to live on this planet anymore.

Credit: Caps Basketball

The Caps have gotten used to Vokoun conveying his feelings pretty clearly when the coverage in front of him isn’t what it should be, but if he can usually condense a scene into one pointed look, this was a three-act play.

  • 1234

    Looks like Sequin shot the puck into the middle of Vokoun’s leg pad and the pad moved to the post after the save was made.

  • Livia

    Thanks for the video of Vokoun feigning a faint all the way to the ice. He did this during a game a few weeks ago (I can’t remember against whom) when Alzner was lying on the ice trying to knock a puck away from the goal and ended up putting it in the Caps’ net. Alzner then put his face directly on the ice and pounded the ice with his fist, and Vokoun swooned and fell over. It was all very tragic!

  • serpent

    Wouldn’t the Bard have had fun writing about this team?

  • Elguapo

    Vokoun’s mask makes him look like he is a mexican wrestler